Isokinetic Sampling

Equipment & Solutions

  • Box Extender
    Showcase Product

    Box Extender

    By Aer Sampling LLC

    Attach to a MKOR Heater Box to make it full length to setup Aer Sampling`s USEPA Method 5 Standard Configuration Sampling Train.

  • Standard Meter Console
    Showcase Product

    Standard Meter Console

    By Apex Instruments, Inc.

    The Apex Instruments Model XC-522 is a full featured manual meter console. The Apex Isokinetic Source Sampling Console allows the operator to monitor gas velocities, temperatures, pressures and adjust sample flow rates ...

  • Automatic Isokinetic Sampler, STS
    Showcase Product

    Automatic Isokinetic Sampler, STS

    By Protea Limited

    The ST5 is the next generation isokinetic sampler, developed to be efficient, rugged, accurate and user friendly. The perfect companion for stack testers. The ST5 includes all the measuring sensors inside its robust ...

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  • Isokinetic Sampling Services

    At Isokinetic Sampling services we specialize in the measurement and reporting of point source particulate and gaseous emissions.Our service and ...

  • Aer Sampling LLC

    Aer Sampling LLC

    Aer Sampling is an ISO 9001 certified and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited manufacturer and distributor of stack testing equipment (stack samplers) ...

  • Thermochem, Inc.

    Thermochem, Inc.

    Thermochem provides chemical engineering, laboratory analysis, geochemistry and field testing services and products to a wide range of energy ...