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  • CFR engine installation

    CFR engine installation

    The laboratory where the CFR engine is installed shall conform to the following conditions:It is desirable that the laboratory should be established in the ground floor and its floor should be bright and clean without dust. The environment around the laboratory is required to be dry.The temperature in the laboratory sh

  • Automating Sample Prep – The Questron Story

    Automating Sample Prep – The Questron Story

    We live in challenging times. Everyday, the tabloids, and other media channels are full of worrisome news of our changing environment, caused by humanity with its ever-tightening grasp on our planet. ...


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  • Ultra-Compact Low Voltage Power Supplies for Electrophoresis

    Ultra-Compact Low Voltage Power Supplies for Electrophoresis

    Combining ultra-compact design, versatility and reliability this power supply is the ideal choice for every scientist. Thanks to its minimal footprint of only 14 cm x 19 cm and its output of 300 V, 400 mA, the power supply can be easily integrated into almost any laboratory environment. User-friendly handling as well as infinitely adjustment of all setting parameters (1 V or 1 mA steps) makes the ...

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  • Laboratory Inspection and Auditing

    Laboratory Inspection and Auditing

    Quality auditing of pharmaceutical quality control laboratories is an important activity for those performing due diligence or monitoring the performance of a sub-contractor. Besides covering GMP regulations affecting pharmaceutical quality control, this one-day course is designed to provide the non-specialist with the necessary knowledge to understand the quality significance and risk associated ...