Laboratory Air

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  • Transportable Laboratories
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    Transportable Laboratories

    By GF Environmental Labs

    Air-transportable units provide the fastest approach available for rapid deployment of a comprehensive analytical and/or testing lab. Our Air-Transportable Mobile Labs provide ultimate flexibility combined with maximum ...

  • Base Cases
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    Base Cases

    By Gray and Green Laboratory Systems LLC

    Constructed from 18-gauge metal tube and prime grade cold-rolled steel, Air Master System`s base cabinets are built to withstand the harshest of laboratory environments.  Air Master Systems`s base cabinets ...

  • SF Pack for Laboratory Air Compressors
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    SF Pack for Laboratory Air Compressors

    By F-DGSi

    Air compressor protected by a soundproofing box. These compressors are equipped with a multifunctional display, including a manometer, an hour run meter and a light switch.

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