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  • Mann Kendall Trend Tests

    Mann Kendall Trend Tests

    The Mann Kendall Trend Test is sometimes also named as Kendall’s tau test or Mann Kendell Test (or M-K test). This test is utilized for the analysis of data that is collected for a sufficient period for representing a continuous increasing or decreasing trends in Y values. This test is non-parametric, and it applies to all types of distributions known ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • TDLAS Transportable Analyzer

    TDLAS Transportable Analyzer

    The 5100P analyzer provides simple, easy-to-use moisture analysis using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) in a durable, lightweight, and mobile package for measurements in natural gas.

Upcoming Events

  • 1-day Hands-on Multi-Mode Inlets (MMIs) & Programmable Temperature Vapourisers (PTVs)

    1-day Hands-on Multi-Mode Inlets (MMIs) & Programmable Temperature Vapourisers (PTVs)

    This one-day training course focuses on the different sample introduction and injection techniques that can be used with Programmable Temperature Vapourisers (PTVs), Multi-Mode Inlets (MMIs), Cooled and Universal Injection Systems.  The course will cover hot versus cold split and splitless injections; cool on-column injection (COC); large volume injection (LVI); thermal desorption (TD); ...

2-day Hands-on Advanced Injection for GC & GC-MS

Sep. 14rd - 15th | Milton Keynes

1-day Hands-on Pyrolysis (Py)

Sep. 25rd - 25th | Milton Keynes