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Laboratory Analyzers Companies (Monitoring and Testing)

  • F-DGSi

    based in Evry, FRANCE.



    Founded in 2006 in Evry, France, where its headquarters and research and development center is based, F-DGSi is a family-owned, dynamic and innovative company in the gas generator sector, the benchmark in design, manufacture and technical assistance ...

  • Chromatotec Group

    based in Val de Virvée, FRANCE.


    Chromatotec Group

    Chromatotec is a group of companies specialized in the manufacturing and sales of gas analyzers in niche markets. For more than 40 years, Chromatotec Group provides a full range of automatic gas chromatograph (autoGC) for online monitoring. These ...

    airmoCAL - Model M - Multi-Oven Calibration System (5U)

    airmoCAL - Model M - Multi-Oven Calibration System (5U)

    Designed for automatic validation of results at different concentration ...

  • Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    based in Borgolavezzaro, ITALY.


    Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    A family-run company, which from 2005 deals exclusively with gas diluters, just using the technique of equal capillaries, which was adopted after some experiences with different techniques. The background of the available technical knowledge ranges ...

    Model BetaCAP60X100 - Compact Gas Diluter With 3 Inputs Pre-Dilution Systems

    Model BetaCAP60X100 - Compact Gas Diluter With 3 Inputs Pre-Dilution Systems

    BetaCAP60X100 a compact diluter with 3 inputs (two gases to be diluted in a diluting gas), pre-dilution just for an input and flow comparator for self-checking with relative deviations calculation. BetaCAP60X100 is built complying with the ...

  • Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc.

    based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).


    Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc.

    Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc., a division of Rigaku Corporation, engineers, manufactures and distributes Rigaku EDXRF products worldwide. Located in Austin, Texas, USA, our company specializes in benchtop and on-line EDXRF spectrometers for the ...

    Rigaku - Model NEX QC+ - Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

    Rigaku - Model NEX QC+ - Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

    For more demanding applications, or for situations where analysis time or sample throughput is critical, Rigaku offers the new NEX QC? spectrometer. Employing the next generation silicon detector technology, the enhanced NEX QC? affords significant ...

  • Sabio Environmental

    based in Round Rock, TEXAS (USA).


    Sabio Environmental

    Sabio was established in 1992 with the commitment to provide the highest quality products that are backed by dependable customer service. Our company has increased its manufacturing space from 2,000 square feet in 1992 to over 12,000 square feet ...

    Sabio - Model 2505 - Portable Permeation Oven

    Sabio - Model 2505 - Portable Permeation Oven

    Sabio’s Model 2505 Portable Permeation Oven generates precise gas concentrations for calibration of air quality analyzers, source monitors and other instruments. The Model 2505 may be combined with the Model ...

  • Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

    based in Innsbruck, AUSTRIA.


    Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

    We are the world’s leading producer of real-time trace gas & organic particle analyzers based on Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) technology, with a market-leading detection limit

    IONICON - Model PTR-TOF 1000 ultra - Trace VOC Analyzer

    IONICON - Model PTR-TOF 1000 ultra - Trace VOC Analyzer

    The PTR-TOF 1000 now is ultra-sensitive. Up to 10x more sensitivity than its predecessor thanks to the revolutionary new ION-BOOSTER funnel technology. Compared to traditional transfer lens systems, our funnel greatly improves ion transmission ...

  • SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

    based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).


    SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions

    SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions designs and manufactures Sievers® Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers that enable near real-time reporting of organic carbon levels for treatment optimization, quality control, and regulatory compliance. Accurate ...

    Sievers - Model M5310 C - Laboratory TOC Analyzers

    Sievers - Model M5310 C - Laboratory TOC Analyzers

    Sievers M5310 C Laboratory Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed for the drinking water industry and environmental water quality monitoring. The analyzer is easy to use and maintain. It offers the ability to be used for single grab ...

  • NECi Superior Enzymes

    based in Lake Linden, MICHIGAN (USA).


    NECi Superior Enzymes

    NECi Superior Enzymes, previously `The Nitrate Elimination Company, Inc.`, is a woman-owned small business located in Michigan`s Upper Peninsula. NECi`s specialty is designing and producing recombinant proteins for inclusion in quantification test ...

    NECi - Model NPk-FIA-3At - Reagents for FIA, CFA, and SFA Nitrate Analysis

    NECi - Model NPk-FIA-3At - Reagents for FIA, CFA, and SFA Nitrate Analysis

    Compatible with Continuous Flow Analyzers, Flow Injection Analyzers, Segmented Flow Analyzers such as LACHAT QuikChem® and others. AtNaR & NADH Reagents for Flow Injection Analysis and Continuous Flow Analyzer Methods. Packs include 3.0 ...

  • Tekran Instruments Corporation

    based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    Tekran Instruments Corporation

    Tekran® Instruments Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced systems for ambient air, laboratory analysis, and point-source mercury monitoring. With pioneering expertise in cold vapor atomic fluorescence detection, Tekran® has ...

    Tekran - Model 3321 - Wall Mounted Flue Gas Sample Conditioner

    Tekran - Model 3321 - Wall Mounted Flue Gas Sample Conditioner

    The Tekran Model 3321 Wall Mounted Sample Conditioner allows virtually any combustion gas matrix to be analyzed for total gaseous mercury, elemental mercury and ionic mercury. The Model 3321 is designed around a modular framework, allowing a wide ...

  • Pollution S.r.l.

    based in Budrio (Bologna), ITALY.


    Pollution S.r.l.

    Pollution Analytical Equipment manufactures innovative chemical analysers such as portable FID and MEMS-based Micro GC . We serve environmental monitoring and process control markets with a worldwide presence. Besides, we have a very active Italian ...

  • SYSTEA S.p.A.

    based in Anagni (FR), ITALY.


    SYSTEA S.p.A.

    SYSTEA S.p.A. is an Italian company established in 1988 with the objective to develop, manufacture and sell automatic wet chemistry analyzer for environmental and industrial markets. The actual products range, based on its own industrial patents, ...

    Micromac - Model TOC - On-line Analyzer for TOC Monitoring in Water and Wastewater

    Micromac - Model TOC - On-line Analyzer for TOC Monitoring in Water and Wastewater

    MICROMAC TOC is a microprocessor controlled On Line analyzer specifically designed for automatic TOC monitoring on several type of water matrices, including sea water. The analyzer is based on the standard UV-persulphate method coupled with a Non ...

  • ncalabs co., ltd.

    based in Bangkok, THAILAND.

    ncalabs co., ltd.

    ncalabs co., ltd. is part of the global TestAmerica-STL global environmental laboratory network. The TestAmerica network includes more than 50 laboratories in North America and Asia, all of which provide high-quality environmental laboratory ...

  • World Resources Company (WRC)

    based in McLean, VIRGINIA (USA).

    World Resources Company (WRC)

    World Resources Company (WRC) is an environmental risk management company serving the technology sector by providing environmental compliance and innovative and cost effective recycling of non-renewable metal and mineral resources. Environmental ...



    WRC integrates environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and energy security to provide cost effective environmental risk management and recycling support. Integrated permitting, transportation, material analyses and processing capabilities ...

  • Rheoconsult

    The company is specialised in analyses of environmental impacts. We offer technical analyses to assist managers, organisations, agencies and other consulting companies in solving environmental problems related to natural resource utilisation. We ...

  • Hayden Safety Engineers

    based in Dayton, OHIO (USA).

    Hayden Safety Engineers

    Provide integrated Health & Safety services to industry , healthcare, schools and construction. Our services include safety management, industrial hygiene surveys, engineering, training, audits and program development. Our engineering services ...

    Industrial Hygiene Service

    Industrial Hygiene Service

    Our trained and certified industrial hygienists perform hazard evaluation surveys to identify worker exposure to organic solvents, toxic gases, heavy metals, fumes, dusts, noise, heat & cold and various forms of radiation. NIOSH and OSHA methods ...

  • Myramid Analytical Inc.

    Providing Analyzer services since 1978 and Stack Testing services since 1996. We specialize in on-line GC, FTIR, Spectroscopy methods, on-site analysis and simultaneous sampling of multiple locations.our mobile laboratories allow on-site analyses ...

  • Donley Technology

    based in Colonial Beach, VIRGINIA (USA).

    Donley Technology

    Donley Technology has been analyzing and reporting on the environmental, health & safety software industries and market. The company is a clearinghouse for EH&S software information, with records on more than 4,000 software packages, databases, and ...

  • Environmental Insurance Agency, Inc.

    based in Larchmont, NEW YORK (USA).

    Environmental Insurance Agency, Inc.

    The Environmental Insurance Agency,Inc. is a unique team of environmental insurance experts with several decades of experience in the field of environmental risk financing, including environmental legal, engineering, and underwriting experience. EIA ...

  • EnviroScore

    EnviroScore`s™ Mission: To provide our bank partners with an inexpensive, educational and informative way to analyze broad environmental risk and due diligence requirements related to current environmental regulations. EnviroScore provides an ...

  • Global Analytical Laboratories

    Global Analytical Laboratories was established in November 2014 in order to analyze building and insulation materials for the presence of asbestos. This includes loose-fill insulation, acoustic and thermal spray, pipe and boiler wrap, plaster, ...

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