Laboratory Autoclaves

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tabletop Autoclave
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    Tabletop Autoclave

    By Tuttnauer Europe B.V.

    The Elara 9D tabletop autoclave is a reliable and robust Class B Autoclave designed for the needs of modern clinics where autoclaves are expected to meet sophisticated international standards and operate non-stop every ...

  • Lab Autoclaves
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    Lab Autoclaves

    By Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products

    Sterilize equipment, materials & liquids with Spectrum Chemical’s wide selection of lab autoclaves. Choose from 16 liter research autoclaves, mini-autoclaves, autoclave indicator tape, autoclavable pipettors, ...

  • Decon Laboratories Autoclave Deodoriser Capsules
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    Decon Laboratories Autoclave Deodoriser Capsules

    By DelAgua Group

    Gelatine capsules containing highly concentrated deodorising materials, specially formulated to neutralise the pungent malodours which can occur when autoclaving equipment soiled with organic matter. • Suitable for use ...