Laboratory Autoclaves

Equipment & Solutions

  • Tabletop Autoclave
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    Tabletop Autoclave

    By Tuttnauer Europe B.V.

    The Elara 9D tabletop autoclave is a reliable and robust Class B Autoclave designed for the needs of modern clinics where autoclaves are expected to meet sophisticated international standards and operate non-stop every ...

  • Laboratory Autoclaves
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    Laboratory Autoclaves

    By Spectrum Chemicals and Laboratory Products

    Sterilize equipment, materials & liquids with Spectrum Chemical’s wide selection of lab autoclaves. Choose from 16 liter research autoclaves, mini-autoclaves, autoclave indicator tape, autoclavable pipettors, ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Systec GmbH

    Systec GmbH

    Systec GmbH is a manufacturer of autoclaves (steam sterilizers), especially laboratory autoclaves, media preparators and dispensing devices for ...

  • Priorclave Ltd

    With more than 25 years as the most progressive UK laboratory autoclave design and manufacturing centre for steam sterilisers, Priorclave has become ...