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  • Solid Particle Number System
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    Solid Particle Number System

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

    Increasingly, regulatory activity surrounding solid Particle Number (PN) has become one of the more difficult challenges for engine and vehicle manufactures today. Manufacturers of, and researchers in, automobiles, ...

  • Elemental Spectrometer
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    Elemental Spectrometer

    By Spectro Scientific

    Oil is the lifeblood of equipment, and as such carries wear debris and other important information from all parts of the operating system.  Thus analysis of oil samples provides a non-invasive indication of ...

  • Sampling Bailers for Groundwater Sampling Equipment
    Showcase Product

    Sampling Bailers for Groundwater Sampling Equipment

    By Gabriel international Trade

    Manufactured with thick walls, bailers are more biodegradable and heavier than standard disposable bailers, and sink every time. The customer usually have to pay extra for a heavier bailer, making bailers a much better ...

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  • Tanknology - EnGlobe Corp.

    Tanknology - EnGlobe Corp.

    Tanknology was established in Canada in 1988 as the first company to provide uniform national standards for testing and quality control in the ...

  • Filtertechnik Ltd

    Filtertechnik Ltd

    Filtertechnik is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality filtration solutions for oils and process fluids. We have over 25 years experience ...

  • Kahn & Company, Inc.

    Kahn & Company, Inc.

    Founded by Irving I. Kahn in 1945, The Kahn Companies have remained a family-owned enterprise for two generations. After emigrating from Germany in ...

  • Wellington Laboratories Inc.

    Wellington Laboratories Inc.

    Wellington Laboratories has been committed to providing high quality reference standards and exceptional customer service since its inception in ...

  • NUCON International, Inc.

    NUCON International, Inc.

    NUCON International’s expertise is high efficiency adsorption and filtration, featuring products and services from laboratory studies to equipment ...