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  • Medical UPS Systems: The Perfect Power Prescription

    We explore the pivotal role medical UPS systems play in an increasingly digitalised healthcare sector.Clean and continuous power requirements in medical applications have an extensive impact on healthcare in so many ways. Electricity powers critical care equipment like scanners and heart monitors. It keeps the IT and comms infrastructure needed to manage patient records, arrange appointments and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • ICP-MS for Efficient Routine Analysis

    ICP-MS for Efficient Routine Analysis

    The robust system for efficient and stable characterization of high matrix samples: Outstanding plasma robustness for high matrices. Minimized drift at changing matrix load. Efficient interference management with outstanding ease of use.  

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  • Analytica 2020

    Analytica 2020

    The world leading trade fair analytica has been your guarantee for the successful presentation of innovative laboratory technology and future-oriented biotechnology for nearly 50 years. It is the most important industry gathering and brings together the entire range of topics that pertain to laboratories in research and industry.