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  • Laboratory Glassware

    Laboratory Glassware

    Progress in all fields of science is dependent on the tools available for experimentation to the scientist. Glass, because of its availability, versatility, and flexibility, plays a vital role as an important laboratory implement for the analytical chemist.A typical research laboratory can be productive with the fertile brain of the scientist and custom glassware to transfer his idea to reality ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Tip Wash Station

    Tip Wash Station

    The wash stations actively flush pipette tips inside and out, tips in the 96 and 384 format can be washed automatically with pump-supported (active) inflow and drain. This results in a considerably reduced requirement of disposables. The inflow and drain of the liquids is performed by peristaltic pumps, which can be attached to an external module or a stacker.

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  • 5-day Hands-on Complete HPLC & LC-MS

    5-day Hands-on Complete HPLC & LC-MS

    This course provides the theory of HPLC and LC-MS essential to any participant, along with the hands-on practical element in the laboratory to practice and re-enforce the theoretical knowledge. These courses are 50% theory and 50% practical in a lab environment. After an introduction to liquid chromatography, this course addresses solvents & buffers (the mobile phase), pumps, isocratic and ...