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Laboratory Gas Generators services for Monitoring and Testing

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    Strong Oxidizer Services

    JC 9450 is a Strong Oxidizer. By chemical generating singlet oxygen, we create hydroxyl ions. Hydroxyl ions have an EV value of 2.6 V VS ozone of 2.07 V. JC 9450 generates a high concentration of hydroxyl radical ion and singlet oxygen ions when it reacts in water. JC 9450 is a very low cost method of generating a high concentration of oxidative ...

    By Jenfitch, LLC based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Oil & Gas Service line

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    Parts Service / Consumables

    All our gas generators are manufactured and tested in our factory located in the Paris, France before being sent to your lab. Like any appliance, some parts sometimes need to be replaced following annual inspection visits or due to wear and tear. F-DGSi has a full stock of original spare parts at our head office located in the Paris region, ...

    By F-DGSi based in Evry, FRANCE. from All Prestations Service line

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    4Q Qualifications Services

    Some laboratories that are UKAS, ISO17025, 21CFR Part 11 or GLP accredited, it is often required that the instrument supplier performs the 4Q qualification on the instrument annually.

    By F-DGSi based in Evry, FRANCE.

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    Disinfectant Services

    JC 9450 is a new oxidant that has demonstrated its strong disinfecting power. Using reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by JC 9450, systems can be quickly disinfected without creating an unwanted residual by-product. JC 9450 is a strong oxidant that quickly kills pathogens on contact. The application is simple and low cost.

    By Jenfitch, LLC based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Food Safety & Preservation Service line

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    Sales Services

    F-DGSi, 1st French Manufacturer of Gas Generators has the widest range, in order to offer you the best gas solution for your new equipment needs, and to assure you that with a correct and fast maintenance, they will serve you in the future.

    By F-DGSi based in Evry, FRANCE. from All Prestations Service line

  • Zero Air Generator Maintenance Services

    In order to keep your ZAG working at the highest level, we recommend the following maintenance schedule, assuming average system conditions and use. Fan filter should be cleaned by blowing out the filter monthly. The pollution scrubber/converter and secondary scrubber media should be replaced yearly. The input and output particle filters should be ...

    By Environics, Inc. based in Tolland, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Non-Intrusive Inspection Services

    The latest Non-Intrusive Inspection solution utilised by TRAC’s experienced technicians is a high speed, high accuracy remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system. It is designed to evaluate the condition of ferrous structures such as storage tanks, pipework and pipelines (6” and above), pressure vessels and other critical ...

    By TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd based in Dyce, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • 24/24 Services

    In view of the special characteristics of the sold vehicles, repair assignments are often dealt with directly by Faymonville. This efficient round-the-clock service (phone: +32 80 640 188) includes expert mechanics with fully equipped service vehicles who are always on call. They go wherever help is needed at that particular moment. ...

    By Cometto S.p.A. based in Cuneo, ITALY.

  • Base Metals Recovery Services

    There are many base metals that are systematically produced by the mining industry. The reason they are sought is that they have economic value in many wholesale and finished product markets. There are a number of metals such as cobalt, chromium, lead, nickel, etc. that are purified using an electrowinning process. (People pay a lot of money to ...

    By Reticle Inc. based in CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Equipment Installation Service

    Our installation team proudly performs Zero Down-Time Installations of new air pollution abatement systems. When replacing an outdated abatement system we may be able to provide a zero down-time installation. Our engineers, skilled installers and technicians can work with your facility personnel to develop a plan that allows for continued ...

    By Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. based in Signal Hill, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Air Quality Monitoring

    We provide air quality monitoring, analysis and modeling services and also design industrial pollution control measures to meet your regulatory compliance. Our scientists are experienced in monitoring and analysis for all types of industrial facilities.

    By EnvironQuest Nigeria Limited based in Lagos, NIGERIA.

  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring System Services

    NO/NO2 CEMS (RM 7E) - NOx is measured using a chemiluminescence NO/NO2 gas analyzer. This analyzer measures the intensity of the light given off by the nitric oxide/ozone reaction, where the term chemiluminescence is derived. For measuring NO concentrations only, the gas samples are sent directly to the reaction chamber bypassing the NO2-to-NO ...

    By Entech Engineering Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Metallurgical Testing Services

    Whether your products are used in the air, on land, in the sea or in outer space, Sherry Laboratories' A2LA accredited and Nadcap approved metallurgical laboratories provides a complete assortment of reliable, high quality materials testing services committed to maintaining your precise specifications while meeting your scheduling requirements. ...

    By Sherry Laboratories based in Daleville, INDIANA (USA).

  • Stock Tanks & Pond Health - Pond Aeration System

    All of these questions, and a host of others, point to a disruption in the ecosystem of the pond. The disruption usually can be traced to a drop in the level of dissolved oxygen. Oxygen is an absolute key to a healthy pond. In a perfect world oxygen enters the pond at the surface of the water. Wave action at the surface and/or mild thermal ...

    By Toring Turbine d.o.o. ( LLC ) based in Koper, SLOVENIA.

  • Fabrication Services for Oil Refineries

    CPF recognizes that a new generation of strict environmental regulations regarding Sulphur and Nitrogen emissions requires state-of-the-art selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for combustion-related oil refineries. CPF is a North American leader in the fabrication of SCR’s for the oil refinery industry, therefore your technology ...

    By Cambridge Pro Fab Inc. (CPF) based in Brantford, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Odour Control

    BioEnergizer affects odours in three ways.  First by stimulating single celled planktonic algae to greater oxygen production efficiency, second by shifting bacterial populations and creating greater species diversity to out-compete odour producers, and thirdly by stimulating a population increase in purple sulphur bacteria which consume H2S.

    By BioEnergizer Australia Pty Ltd based in Helensvale, AUSTRALIA.

  • Consulting Services

    Technical Products and Services, Inc. practices Consultation Selling. We utilize our 25 years of experience and the engineering resources of the manufacturers to assist with solving your specific application. Due to the complimentary nature of our product offering, we are knowledgeable of several system components often involved in an industrial ...

    By Technical Products and Services based in Blairstown, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Planning Process Services

    Our experienced team of employees from various disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, and computer science, designs and implements individual measurement solutions. We offer a full range of services, from consulting, design, and planning to fully-implemented turnkey solutions.

    By Breitfuss Messtechnik GmbH (BFM) based in Harpstedt, GERMANY.

  • Zero Gas

    At Mean Green Products, LLC, we provide powerful electric replacements for gas engine products that run at close to 90% efficiency and only cost about 5% of what you would pay to operate and maintain their gas engine rival. This means you can save anywhere from $5.50 - $8.00 per hour while mowing with one of our extremely efficient zero-turn ...

    By Mean Green Products, LLC. based in Hamilton, OHIO (USA).

  • Cleargreen - Biological Treatment of Effluents With High Concentrations of Ammonia

    Cleargreen™ (for Cyclic Low Energy Ammonium Removal) augments anaerobic treatment of biosolids (biological, primary, co-digestion) by removing the nitrogen overload.Deammonification allows the treatment of concentrated ammonia generated by anaerobic digestion of sludge in the side stream of the plant– limiting the impact of digestion ...

    By Degremont Technologies - a subsidiary of Suez Environnement based in Dübendorf, SWITZERLAND.

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