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  • We analyzed cement using XRF | Spectroscopy Solutions

    The X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopic analysis of cement samples usually requires XRF pellet preparation using a hydraulic laboratory press such as the Atlas Manual Hydraulic Press and a powerful sample-grinding mill such as the P6 Planetary Ball Mill.

  • What is a pellet die? | Spectroscopy Guides

    A pellet die is a simple tool used to form thin cylindrical pellets from a powder using a pellet press. At its simplest, a pellet die consists of a hollow cylindrical body capped at one ...


  • The surprising merit of giant clam feces

    The surprising merit of giant clam feces

    Coral reefs are a hotspot of biodiversity, hosting numerous species of animals and fish that help one another maintain a harmonious environment. One of these species is the giant clam. They are the biggest shellfish in the world, with 13 species ...

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  • Table Press for KBr-Pellets

    Table Press for KBr-Pellets

    Compact designed Table Press for KBr-Pellets.  This efficient, little KBr Table Press is a valuable addition in any IR Laboratory, which regularly makes KBr pellets. The smooth action of the handle permits pellets to be pressed effortlessly with one hand and minimal pressure. Clear KBr pellets with a diameter of 1, 3 and 7mm can easily be pressed.