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  • Laboratory Dispersing Unit for Production of nZVI Slurries
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    Laboratory Dispersing Unit for Production of nZVI Slurries

    By NANO IRON s.r.o.

    Laboratory dispersing unit LD 05 is designed for direct manufacturing of nZVI slurry from the dry powder (NANOFER 25P). The equipment provides manufacturing capacity of 500 grams of slurry in 20 minutes, thus it fits to ...

  • Bottling Peristaltic Pump
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    Bottling Peristaltic Pump

    By Randolph Austin Company

    The TP 1000 V is designed as an exact dose, extremely precise metering or bottling peristaltic pump. The TP 1000 V can be operated in a semiautomatic mode or be fully integrated through the RS232 as an automatic filling ...

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  • BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

    BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

    BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R&D, quality control and production worldwide for more than 75 years. We serve a ...

  • Randolph Austin Company

    Randolph Austin Company

    In 1957 we began to build and sell peristaltic pumps out of Houston, Texas. Since 1974 our pump and tubing operation have been located in Manchaca, ...

  • NANO IRON s.r.o.

    NANO IRON s.r.o.

    NANO IRON company is engaged in production of Zero Valent Iron nanoparticles (Fe(0), nZVI) and it provides a technical support in application of ...