Laboratory Thermometers

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  • Sonic thermometry today

    Sonic thermometry today

    Sonic anemometer-thermometers began appearing in field studies over 50 years ago. They have since been used extensively in field experiments by atmospheric scientists in their studies of turbulent flow in the surface layer—the first 100 feet or so above the ground. The sonic approach promised better high-frequency response and far less flow distortion than what past sensors could offer. The ...


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  • Commercial Stationary Compactor (2.5 Cubic Yard Capacity)

    Commercial Stationary Compactor (2.5 Cubic Yard Capacity)

    The Sebright model 5060 stationary compactor features a generous 51” x 60” charge chamber opening, and is specially designed for high volumes of trash. Its above average packing force and deep ram penetration into the container does a superior job of reducing bulky waste and trash to a fraction of its original volume. As with most of our models of compactors, the 5060 is available ...