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  • Particle Monitoring in Sterilizing Tunnels

    Particle Monitoring in Sterilizing Tunnels

    Portable aerosol particle counters are designed to sample ambient air at 1 cubic foot per minute (1 cfm) and no greater than 35 oC. There are however applications which are based on ambient temperatures much greater than this, such as pharmaceutical sterilizing tunnels. Sterilizing tunnels are used to ensure sterility off glassware (vials, syringes, bottles) prior to their entry onto an aseptic ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Carbon 14 Collection System

    Carbon 14 Collection System

    The Model C14CS-3000E Tritium Collection System is a carbon 14 collection system consisting of a diaphragm pump, 12VDC brushless motor, two 500ml NaOH sampling vials with stainless steel caps and an overflow trap. The flow and volume of air passing through the system is adjusted and measured by a microprocessor controlled Digital Flow Meter (DFM). The DFM utilizes a precision-machined orifice to ...