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Lake Monitoring equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Model UV254 Go - Portable, Field and Laboratory Instrument for Surrogate Measurements of TOC, DOC, COD, BOD, etc.

    UV254 Go! is a portable UV254 analyser that enables measurement at different points within the treatment process. Well suited to measurements at the riverside as it is to measure a sample in the laboratory. Simply place the cuvette into the Go! press measure and receive your UV254 and surrogate measurements of TOC, DOC, BOD, COD etc. Every ...

    By Photonic Measurements Ltd based in Lisburn, NORTHERN IRELAND.

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    Yosemite - Model Y513-A - Blue Green Algae Sensor with Wiper

    Yosemite blue-green algae sensor measures cyanobacteria (phycocyanin) in fresh water. The species can present in fresh water and produce toxins and compounds which cause water blooms. Blue-green algae are of interest for water body ecosystem and monitoring. The sensor is great for in-situ monitoring applications for rivers, lakes, reservoirs. The ...

    By Yosemite Technologies Co.,Ltd based in Suzhou, CHINA. from Online Analyzer - Blue-Green Algae Product line

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    OTT Hydrolab - Model HL7 - Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

    The HYDROLAB HL7 multiparameter sonde offers a versatile, durable and practical solution to the day to day needs of monitoring programs for both simple and complex deployments. With a large sensor suite, it is able to thrive in demanding environmental conditions for long term continuous and profile monitoring.

    By OTT HydroMet based in Kempten, GERMANY. from OTT HydroMet - Water Quality Product line

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    OTT Hydromet - Model RLS - Radar Water Level Sensor

    The OTT RLS is a non-contact radar level sensor with pulse radar technology. The OTT RLS offers a large measurement range with a small blanking distance and narrow beam width and it easily connects to most dataloggers. The RLS has extremely low power consumption and is ideal for remote or solar powered sites.

    By OTT HydroMet based in Kempten, GERMANY. from Water Level Product line

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    MPP IDS - Sensors Depth Probes

    MPP IDS – the digital multi-parameters (up to three main parameters) depth probes with built-in depth measurement to use in profile measuring.

    By WTW - a xylem brand based in Weilheim, GERMANY. from Sensor Technology - Digital IDS Sensors (Lab) Product line

  • SAIV - Model TD 301R - Water Level Sensor

    The TD301R is a high precision instrument for recording/ monitoring of water level in the sea, lakes, water reservoirs, groundwater and in rivers etc. Also measurement of temperature is included. The sensing element is a unique pressure sensor with built-in temperature compensation. A feature that maintane the high accuracy (0.01%) over a broad ...

    By Saiv A/S based in Laksevag, NORWAY.

  • Pontoon Vertical Profiler

    Automated water quality profiler for lakes, reservoirs and coastal areas. Featuring a submersible, watertight enclosure and a rugged non-corrosive mechanical winch and drive mechanism, the 6951 provides fully-automated data collection from a pontoon float.

    By YSI - a Xylem brand based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA). from YSI Systems Product line

  • Model μS-Log3040 - Conductivity/ Temperature Logger

    The μS-Log3040 can measure conductivity and temperature in aqueous solutions at the same time. Typical fields of application are monitoring wells, rivers, lakes and sewer tunnels or transportation, e. g. of fish.

  • KLL-S Sampler

    Category: Water Quality:-Mechanically lockable sampler with 0.5 or 1 liter capacity for 2'or 4' groundwater monitoring points-Connects to SEBA electric contact gauges KLL type (electric water level gauge)-Easily disassembled and cleaned

    By SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG based in Kaufbeuren, GERMANY.

  • imaGeau - Reservoir Monitoring Device (RMD)

    Thanks to parameters relevant to the specific issues and purpose of a given site, dissolved oxygen for example, the RMD(Reservoir Monitoring Device) monitors in real time the quality of waters at all depths of a water impoundment structure such as a dam or a lake.

    By imaGeau based in Clapiers, FRANCE.

  • Model CTD Probes - online and memory multiparameter probes

    high quality, high accuracy probes for oceanographic and limnological measurement of conductivity, temperature, depth and further parameters at depths up to 11000 m. The probes housings are entirely titanium.The housing is inert against nearly all chemical compounds and absolutely corrosion free.

    By Sea & Sun Technology GmbH based in Trappenkamp, GERMANY.

  • Model CTD 48 - Online Multiparameter Probe

    The CTD48 is a very small multiparameter probe for precise online measurements of pressure, temperature, conductivity and one optional parameter up to 6000 m.

    By Sea & Sun Technology GmbH based in Trappenkamp, GERMANY.

  • Whirl-Pak - Water Sampler

    An efficient and inexpensive way to sample water from any desired depth. The single-line trigger mechanism uses one line to both raise and lower the sampler as well as trigger the device to seal the collection chamber; you won’t have to worry about the problems of tangled lines. The efficient flow-through design of the sampler provides an ...

    By Nasco based in Fort Atkinson, WISCONSIN (USA). from Lab Sampling - Whirl-Pak Bags Product line

  • CastAway CTD with GPS

    The YSI Castaway is the worlds first CTD to provide instantaneous profiles for temperature, conductivity, salinity, depth and speed down to 100m. The YSI Castaway is a unique solution that measures temperature conductivity and depth at a rate of 5Hz down to depths of 100m. Due to its fast response time the Castaway is designed ...

    By Xylem Analytics UK Limited based in Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from CTD Product line

  • Salinity Standards

    Salinity (sodium chloride) Formulations “ppm” parts per million (milligram Sodium per kilogram solution). Salinity standards are formulated from sodium chloride to approximate ocean and brackish water, brine, etc., and are used in process water control and oceanography and limnology. There is often confusion about measuring salinity. ...

    By Aurical Company based in San Francisco Bay, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Traditional Calibration Standards Product line

  • Model CTD75M - Online and memory probe

    The CTD75M is a high quality, high accuracy 8 channel multi parameter probe for oceanographic and limnological measurement of physical, chemical and optical parameters with up to 8 sensors and a maximum depth up to 1000 m. It measures conductivity, temperature, and pressure as a standard configuration. Furthermore, it can be easily configured for ...

    By Sea & Sun Technology GmbH based in Trappenkamp, GERMANY.

  • Navigation / Data Buoys

    Subsea Energy Solutions can manufacture a range of navigation buoys and data buoy platforms suitable for a multitude of uses including shallow water applications, typical for river or lake installation and associated monitoring through to larger 4m platforms suitable for exposed offshore environments. Typically the core is manufactured from ...

    By Subsea Energy Solutions based in Catterick Garrison, UNITED KINGDOM. from Buoyancy - Marine Product line

  • PME - Model T-Chain - Temperature String for Water Quality Monitoring And Lake Management Device

    The T-Chain is used as a water quality monitoring and lake management device that collects water column temperature, dissolved oxygen, PAR, pressure, chlorophyll a, and conductivity measurements. T-Chains are currently being used to monitor lake and reservoir thermocline and stratification, detect dissolved oxyen fluctuations, observe internal ...

    By Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. (PME) based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SuperBathy - Bathymetric Drone

    The SuperBathy is an automatic bathymetric drone with a dual technology of aerial or aquatic propulsion. Thanks to a doubled autonomy compared to its predecessor, this drone can be used during 10 hours of mission. Its completely new waterproof design allows it to be compatible with a LiDAR system for scanning banks and bridges. In addition to ...

    By Hélicéo based in NANTES, FRANCE. from Aquatic Product line

  • STS Water Manager – the entire network solution

    The STS Water Manager features and benefits:•Managing data loggers and reading recorded data from any location at any time•Automatic generation of a warning message if an out-of-limits condition occurs•Highly flexible and cost-efficient monitoring of water levels and temperatures of rivers and lakes•Communication for reading data and configuring ...

    By Automated Control Engineering Group Pty Ltd based in Cardiff, AUSTRALIA.

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