Landfill Gas Monitoring

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  • Landfill Analyzer
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    Landfill Analyzer

    By PID Analyzers, LLC.

    The Model 108+ is a Landfill Gas Analyzer that can measure high ppm or % levels of gases such as CH4 & CO2, O2 & H2S. The Model 108 includes two IR sensors for CH4 & CO2 with 2 additional electrochemical ...

  • Applicator Cover
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    Applicator Cover

    By Environmental Products Inc.(EPI)

    Enviro Cover Deployer Model 800 is a self-propelled applicator built on a Morooka rubber track carrier, enabling the waste-covering process to be conducted rapidly and independent of the prime movers at the landfill.

  • Truly Universal Landfill Gas Analyser
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    Truly Universal Landfill Gas Analyser

    By Ribble Enviro Ltd

    The GFM 435 is a truly universal landfill gas analyser. Measuring gas concentrations,pressures,flows and temperatures it can be used to equally great effect at peripheral boreholes and gas extraction wells. Contains the ...

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    EarthRes Group, Inc. (ERG) is a multidisciplinary environmental engineering and consulting firm providing cost-effective high quality services to ...

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    We are the third largest non-hazardous solid waste management company in North America. We serve the needs of commercial, industrial and residential ...

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