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  • Leachate and Distillation
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    Leachate and Distillation

    By C&G Depurazione Industriale S.r.l.

    Leachate is a product derived from the anaerobic transformation of the organic substances present in the waste. It is a liquid with different levels of pollutants present, the form and quantity of which will depend on ...

  • Discharge Disconnect Adapters
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    Discharge Disconnect Adapters

    By EPG Companies Inc.

    EPG’s Pump Discharge Disconnect Adapters are designed for leachate, monitoring and remediation piping applications. The "NW" Series disconnect adapters fasten through a riser or sump wall. Now personnel can easily ...

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  • C&G Depurazione Industriale S.r.l.

    C&G Depurazione Industriale S.r.l.

    C&G Depurazione Industriale srl is an Italian Company, part of a Group that has been operating for about 30 years in the Industrial Waste Water ...

  • Hoskin Scientific Limited

    Hoskin Scientific Limited

    For over seventy years, Hoskin Scientific has been a supplier of testing and monitoring instrumentation to the Canadian market. With offices in ...

  • EPG Companies Inc.

    EPG Companies Inc.

    EPG Companies Inc. has designed and manufactured pollution control systems and equipment that are being used worldwide in various landfill, ...