Liquid Chromatography services for Monitoring and Testing available in Canada

  • Alfa Chemistry - Separation Technology

    Our dedicated separation services team offers SMB (Simulated Moving Bed), SFC (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography) and HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) chiral purification services at scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms to metric tons, with efficient project management and expedient project turnaround times.SMBSMB ...

    By Alfa Chemistry based in Holtsville, NEW YORK (USA).

  • MtoZ Biolabs - targeted metabolomics service

    Targeted metabolomics is a study in which defined metabolites in a sample are identified and quantitatively analyzed. Quantitation and semi-quantitation of defined metabolites are undertaken through the use of internal standard compounds. MtoZ Biolabs offers targeted metabolomics analysis service using an LC-MS-based multiple reaction monitoring ...

    By MtoZ Biolabs based in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • MtoZ Biolabs - Thiols analysis

    MtoZ Biolabs offers targeted thiols analysis service using an LC-MS-based multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) and GC-MS-based single ion monitoring (SIM) metabolomics platforms, which have characteristics of high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. We guarantee accurate analysis of thiols even in low abundance. With our optimized sample ...

    By MtoZ Biolabs based in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Analytical Instrument Repair Services

    Envantage, Inc. offers expert laboratory instrument repair services. Our specialty is chromatography equipment and the associated peripherals. We have a well stocked inventory of parts and supplies and are prepared to service many common analytical instruments in your chromatography laboratory including: Gas Chromatographs: HP,  Agilent, ...

    By Envantage Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

  • MtoZ Biolabs - Histone Phosphorylation

    MtoZ Biolabs has developed a specialized platform, equipped with Q Exactive HF (Thermo Fisher), Orbitrap Fusion, and Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometers, equipped with Nano-LC for histone modification analysis service. To better solve your research problems, we offer an all-inclusive service, including sample preparation, protein ...

    By MtoZ Biolabs based in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • MtoZ Biolabs - Untargeted Metabolomics Services

    Untargeted metabolomics is a study in which all detectable metabolites are identified and quantitated for analyzing the overall metabolic characteristics and discovering metabolic mechanisms behind the phenomenon. Also known as discovery metabolomics, untargeted metabolomics is a powerful tool for large-scale early phase diagnosis and discovery of ...

    By MtoZ Biolabs based in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • MtoZ Biolabs - antibody c-terminal variation

    MtoZ Biolabs uses LC-MS for antibody C-terminal variation analysis, including detection of the proportion of K deletion in the C-terminal end of antibody and other types of truncation on antibody C-terminal.Service details:

    By MtoZ Biolabs based in MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Research & Development Services

    we have many chemists in the middle management with various organic and medicinal chemistry experience and expertise, Many of them have been trained overseas. With this team, we have the capability of supporting all kinds of medicinal chemistry projects.

    By Ruiyuan Group Limited based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Analytical Chemistry

    When you need accurate, defensible data, trust Battelle. We do more than routine analytical testing—we solve problems. Battelle employs a range of analytical methods to help the Oil & Gas industry make effective decisions for exploration, extraction, resource allocation and environmental stewardship. Battelle offers a full range of ...

    By Battelle Memorial Institute based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Energy & Environment Service line

  • Formulation Services

    Formulation Services Offered by Tri Rinse: Liquid Formulation. Blending. Full lab with 2 Gas Chromatographs and 1 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Highly experienced and trained Laboratory Specialist. Dedicated stainless steel insecticide mix tanks with agitation. Dedicated stainless steel insecticide storage tanks for bulk storage. ...

    By TRI-Rinse, Inc. Environmental Contractors based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Formulation and Packaging Service line

  • Food Chemical Analysis Services

    SGS’s food chemical testing services use state of the art equipment and apply intricate analytical techniques in testing your food products. This helps you comply with the increasingly complex regulatory standards concerning health, safety and the environment. Our trusted international service can help you deliver food products that ...

    By SGS based in Geneva 1, SWITZERLAND. from Health & Safety Service line

  • Molecular Weight Determination and Molecular Weight Distribution of Peptides or Proteins

    Our comprehensive service and detailed reports will provide you with the number average molecular weight (Mn), weight average molecular weight (Mw), z-average molecular weights (Mz) and Polydispersity (Mw/Mn) on both single and multi-component polymer samples.

  • iTRAQ Protein Quantification Service

    Creative Proteomics offers iTRAQ protein quantification service suited for unbiased untargeted biomarker discovery. Relative quantification of proteins for biomarker discovery in complex mixtures by mass spectrometry can easily and quickly be achieved using iTRAQ technology. iTRAQ is ideally suited for comparing normal, diseased, and drug-treated ...

  • Determination of Amino Acid Composition

    Creative Proteomics can help you to determine the amino acid composition of various samples you submit. As the basic brick for peptides and proteins ,the amino acids are quite important because of the significance of protein/peptide physiological functions. Meanwhile the amino acid composition and levels are essential for nutrition and status of ...

  • Tox Lab Expansion Services

    Further to our decision at the end of 2013 to concentrate solely on the Ecotoxicology and Consultancy groups, we are excited to announce our Ecotoxicology lab expansion plans.  With additional space now available in the laboratory, we have started converting a previous analytical lab into a new temperature controlled Fish Room in order to ...

    By Chemex Environmental International Ltd based in Cottenham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ecotoxicology Services Service line

  • Chromatography Laboratory Analysis Service

    Expert chromatography analysis. Intertek chromatography laboratories offer routine and advanced analytical testing, with detection levels down to ultra trace-levels. Diverse of materials and products are tested by chromatographic techniques on a global basis, through the Intertek chromatography and molecular separations chemistry lab network. ...

    By Intertek Caleb Brett based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Analytical Laboratory Capabilities Service line

  • Analytical Services

    Our 11 labs, 150 routine methods and 30 routine processes play a key role in delivering both results and value for clients. Real-time analytical support for client projects is provided and arrangements can be made for around-the-clock analysis.

    By POS Bio-Sciences based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Services Service line

  • Custom Synthesis Services

    Solvias provides custom synthesis, from milligram to kilogram scale, of your small molecules. Our expertise and services include: Lead synthesis and optimization of pre-clinical candidates. Synthesis/Isolation of impurities, metabolites, degradants and reference compounds. Synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks.

    By Solvias AG based in Kaiseraugst, SWITZERLAND. from Chemical Development & GMP Manufacturing Service line

  • Biomarker Analysis Services

    ActLabs Biotech scientists can assist with innovative biomarker assay development and validation. To compliment our range of immunoassays, we also offer LC-MS/MS technology that has enabled us to extend our portfolio to include more biomarkers. In addition, we have invested in the field of multiplexing, using a bead-based suspension and ...

    By Activation Laboratories Ltd. based in Ancaster, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Biotechnology Services Service line

  • Bioanalytical Analysis Services

    Actlabs Biotech Scientists, in conjunction with our Bioanalytical Research staff  employ a variety of techniques in order to develop, validate  and conduct many different bioanalytical sample analyses. Working with either Pre-clinical or Clinical study Directors, Actlabs staff will utilize existing in-house methods or will develop ...

    By Activation Laboratories Ltd. based in Ancaster, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Biotechnology Services Service line

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