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  • Protecting Precious Cargo: Safety Monitoring at IVF and Cryogenic Facilities

    Protecting Precious Cargo: Safety Monitoring at IVF and Cryogenic Facilities

    OverviewIn March 2018, at two separate fertility clinics, one in Clevelandand the other in San Francisco, the cryogenic tanks storing eggs and embryos malfunctioned, resulting in devastating losses for couples hoping to conceive children.Nationwide, as of December 2019, there were more than 440 sites that store embryos or eggs in specialized storage tanks of liquid nitrogen, but


Equipment & Solutions

  • Liquid-liquid extraction for chromatographic analysis

    Liquid-liquid extraction for chromatographic analysis

    - Saves solvent - Easy-to-use - Highly efficient EXtrelut® NT sorbents and columns are specially developed for sample preparation of aqueous matrices. EXtrelut® NT simplifies liquid-liquid extraction by replacing separation funnels with a single step principle. Applications: - urine, whole blood, plasma, serum, gastric juices, liquor, amniotic fluid, faeces, animal and plant tissue - ...

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  • 1-day Hands-on Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE)

    1-day Hands-on Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE)

    This 1-day course covers all the essential theory about Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) as a means of sample preparation. The course will review the different types of SPE processes used for sample extraction including non-polar SPE, polar SPE and ion exchange SPE. It will review different types of sorbents used for each process and understand the chemistry behind the extraction of the analysis. The ...

1-day Hands-on GC Theory and Methods

Sep. 7rd - 7th | Milton Keynes

2-day Hands-on GC Theory, Methods & Maintenance

Sep. 7rd - 8th | Milton Keynes

1-day HPLC Columns, HPLC Detectors & Mass Spectrometers

Nov. 17rd - 17th | Milton Keynes

1-day Absolute Basics of HPLC & LC-MS

Nov. 13rd - 13th | Milton Keynes