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  • Nose Spray Bottles

    Nose Spray Bottles

    Nose Spray Bottles Description:Specially designed for patients with rhinitis nasal spray bottle, elongated caps drugs can be directly sent to the depths of the nose, to achieve better efficacy, classic cylindrical bottle modeling, plus the transparent bottle cover effectively cut off from the possibility of the second pollution, USES the food grade PET bottle, strength, good transparency, ...


  • Dogs Demonstrate Ability to Detect COVID-19

    Dogs Demonstrate Ability to Detect COVID-19

    It is no secret that dogs have long been used for purposes other than companionship. Because of an acute sense of smell, dogs can be trained in medical arenas to detect cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases or conditions. You may have also ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Professional Cups

    Professional Cups

    Sample cup single open ended with ring outerdiam 31, innerdiam 24, height 24mm, set=100pcs. The sample cups of FLUXANA are designed for use in XRF. All cups have been optimized and approved by our customers world wide.

Upcoming Events

  • 1-day Absolute Basics of HPLC & LC-MS

    1-day Absolute Basics of HPLC & LC-MS

    This is a perfect introduction for absolute beginners to liquid chromatography and LC-MS. The course will cover the what, why, where, when and how of LC & LC-MS.

1-day Hands-on Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE)

Sep. 18rd - 18th | Milton Keynes

1-day Hands-on Headspace (HS)

Sep. 22rd - 22th | Milton Keynes

1-day Hands-on Purge and Trap (P&T)

Sep. 23rd - 23th | Milton Keynes

1-day Hands-on Thermal Desorption (TD)

Sep. 24rd - 24th | Milton Keynes