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  • Aluminium Single Point Loadcell (50kg - 250kg)
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    Aluminium Single Point Loadcell (50kg - 250kg)

    By PT Limited

    (50kg~250kg) Aluminium, Low Cost, 400x400mm platform, alternative for PT1000 50kg - 250kg. The PTASP6-Q is a single point low profile load cell. Suits all single mount platforms and hanging scale applications from 50kg ...

  • Precision Shearbeam
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    Precision Shearbeam

    By PT Limited

    (250kg~10t Nickel Plated Tool Steel) Australasian standard shearbeam. The PSB is a robust high accuracy shearbeam load cell, available in capacities from 250kg to 10t in tool steel electroless nickel plated. A very ...

  • Aluminium Single Point Loadcell (50kg - 2t)
    Showcase Product

    Aluminium Single Point Loadcell (50kg - 2t)

    By PT Limited

    (50kg~2000kg) Aluminium, Low Cost, 600x600mm to 1200x1200mm platforms. The PTASP6-F is a super high capacity single point load cell. A unique design allows for very large platform sizes up to 1200mm x 1200mm. Direct ...

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  • PT Limited

    PT Limited

    PT Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacture and has been designing and engineering measurement solutions for the weighing industry from Auckland, ...

  • Record Tech Electronics

    In the field of measurement of mechanical quantities using electronic sensors, we supply Strain Gauges (Conventional Resistance Type, Vibrating Wire ...



    BAYKON; having the international accreditations of weighing industry, with its qualified and experienced staff and its professional solutions ...


    We are professional manufacturer of load cells, weighing indicators, and other weighing accessories. Products include:kinds of load cells and force ...

  • Tacuna Systems

    Tacuna Systems

    Tacuna Systems offers a wide range of force and load measurement equipment including scales, load cells, load cell amplifiers, strain gauges, weigh ...