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  • Measuring IR Light and Near-IR Light

    Measuring IR Light and Near-IR Light

    Infrared (IR) light emits a broad range of non-visible wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Applications for infrared, including near-infrared, are defined by the respective IR bands during output. For example, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) equipment uses 1,000 nm and 1,550 nm IR bands while surveying an area. In the military sector, 850 nm, 1,060 nm and 1,500 nm (and up) are used ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Heavy Duty Pipe Inspection Camera

    Heavy Duty Pipe Inspection Camera

    The TROGLOPROBE PRO pipe inspection camera is designed to be fully portable device, powered by an advanced power cell which allows up to eight hours of operation on a single charge, and recharging can be achieved in mere hours. The power cell simply snaps into the frame and is automatically connected to the system. The camera system utilizes the proven reliability of the T812 pan-and-tilt camera ...