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  • Portable Oil Analysis Kits
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    Portable Oil Analysis Kits

    By Spectro Scientific

    Monitoring lubricant condition in machine wear when and where it is needed significantly reduces the time required for laboratory analysis and improves machine reliability. Spectro Scientific offers a wide range of ...

  • Magnetometer for Locating Concealed Objects
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    Magnetometer for Locating Concealed Objects

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH

    The FerroTec FT 10 helps you safely and reliably locate concealed shaft covers, sliding rods and caps, as well as pavement markers and other objects. The only requirement is that they are made of iron, cast iron or ...

  • Underwater Drone
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    Underwater Drone

    By by Medit Inc.

    This super portable Poseidon ROV is a premium underwater drone designed on more than 8 years of experience manufacturing underwater video and lighting equipment for commercial diving and Remote Operated Vehicles. These ...

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  • /files/8336/publications/47471/8-185.jpg

    Seismic Instruments Journal

    This journal is devoted to the description of geophysical instruments used in seismic research. In addition to covering the actual instruments for ...

  • The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission

    This book describes the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission, its instruments, investigation plans and data center. It contains a complete ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • DoC Mappinng LLC

    Pipeline operators and utility companies worldwide are increasingly required to provide positional and depth of cover data for pipelines and cables ...

  • Heritage Group Inc. / Heritage Geophysics Inc.

    Heritage Group Inc. / Heritage Geophysics Inc.

    The latest in resistivity meters, electromagnetic, magnetometers, induced polarization, seismographs, and even magnetic resonance sounding systems. ...

  • GeoVista


    Geovista develop, manufacture and supply borehole geophysical logging and surveying systems, including borehole loggers, logging winches and sondes ...

  • Geometrics, Inc.

    Geometrics, Inc.

    Geometrics has supplied the world with rugged, portable, easy-to-use, and technologically-innovative geophysical instruments — and responsive, ...

  • Scintrex Limited - a Division of LRS

    Scintrex Limited - a Division of LRS

    Scintrex is setting the standards in geophysical instrumentation, providing sales and services for ground, borehole, marine and airborne ...