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Marine Monitoring equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Codel - Marine SO2 and CO2 Monitor

    The CODEL SO2 & CO2 monitor has been designed & manufactured specifically for the marine industry. This robust sensor has major advantages over existing analysers which typically require extensive and elaborate maintenance. making them totally unsuitable for this arduous application.

    By Codel International Ltd based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Marine Sensors Product line

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    Valeport fastCTD - Fast Profiler

    An evolution of the miniCTD, the Fast Profiler has been designed to deliver the highest quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates.  A conductivity cell designed for optimum flow-through, a fast response thermistor temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor synchronously sampling at 32Hz deliver the highest quality profiles in a lightweight ...

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from CTD and Multiparameter Instruments Product line

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    Valeport - Hyperion Fluorometer Sensor

    Valeport’s Hyperion Fluorometer sensor range delivers high performance measurements of Chlorophyll a, Fluorescein and Rhodamine in a compact & robust package ideal as a standalone sensor, for ROV and AUV integration or used with as part of a multi-sensor array and data logger. Offered as standard in a 6000m depth rated, titanium housing ...

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from CTD and Multiparameter Instruments Product line

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    Model 45-100kg - Electric Portable Winch

    The CSW-6 has proven to be a versatile winch which may be used in almost any application. This winch comes as a complete package, including a range of standard features only available as options on our other winches. Typical uses: side scan sonar, water sampling, towed bodies, environmental and pipe line monitoring, coring, subsea video, CTD ...

    By General Oceanics Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Blocks and Sheaves Product line

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    Valeport MIDAS - Monitor CTD Profiler

    Based on the leading MIDAS CTD Profiler, the Monitor CTD offers excellent performance but in a smaller, lightweight package for shallow water applications. With internal battery pack and large memory, the Monitor CTD is suitable for both self recording operations down to 500m depth, and real time use with a choice of data output protocols.

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ocean Engineering Product line

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    Valeport rapidCTD - Profiler

    An evolution of the miniCTD and rapidSV, the rapidCTD has been designed to deliver the highest quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates. An evolution of the miniCTD and rapidSV, the rapidCTD is designed to operate autonomously and optionally in conjunction with the Teledyne OceanScience rapidCAST underway profiling winch to deliver the highest ...

    By Valeport Ltd based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM. from CTD and Multiparameter Instruments Product line

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    Ready - Marine Fuel Pump

    Fill-Rite’s RD portable series fuel pumps are the most versatile DC pumps available. Pump gasoline, diesel, biodiesel (up to B20), kerosene and E15 at flow rates up to 8 gallons per minute or 30 liters per minute. Constructed of aluminum, the low profile pump weighs only 7 lbs. It features configurable flanges, allowing you to position the ...

    By Ready Containment, LLC based in Palmetto, FLORIDA (USA). from Fuel Pumps Product line

  • Iron-Pump - Model QT Series - Propeller Pump

    The QT pump series is especially designed for applications where heavy capacities, low pressure heads and two-way operation are of vital importance. The pump, focused for heeling duties in the marine sector, is also well suited for condenser cooling services.Depending on operational requirements, the pump can be supplied as a single or multi ...

    By Iron Pump A/S based in Soeborg, DENMARK. from Pump Profiles Product line

  • Teledyne RD Instruments - Workhorse Mariner ADCP

    Teledyne RD Instruments’ Workhorse Mariner Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) has become the instrument of choice for researchers and commercial surveyors working in coastal waters. The Mariner offers all of the benefits of RDI’s traditional ADCP products in a compact package designed specifically for coastal hull-mount applications. The ...

    By Teledyne RD Instruments based in Poway, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • GeoView - Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used in fresh water lakes and river. It cannot be used in salt water or brackish water due to the increased conductivity values of such waters. GPR is typically used in freshwater environments to determine bathymetry and sub-bottom stratigraphic sediment profiling. This method is used to identify natural ...

    By GeoView, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Marine Based Methods Product line

  • CastAway CTD with GPS

    The YSI Castaway is the worlds first CTD to provide instantaneous profiles for temperature, conductivity, salinity, depth and speed down to 100m. The YSI Castaway is a unique solution that measures temperature conductivity and depth at a rate of 5Hz down to depths of 100m. Due to its fast response time the Castaway is designed ...

    By Xylem Analytics UK Limited based in Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from CTD Product line

  • Valeport - Model MiniCTD - CTD & Sound Velocity

    The miniCTD has been developed to provide a cost effective tool for the collection of CTD Profiles, without a compromising the quality of the data. Ideally suited to ROV, coastal, or small boat applications, the miniCTD will appeal to survey companies, the military and academia alike, being both simple to use and easy to handle.

    By Seafloor Systems, Inc. based in El Dorado Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Metocean Product line


    DST CTD is the smallest salinity logger on the market that measures and records conductivity (salinity), temperature and pressure (depth). Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a real-time clock reference for each measurement. The DST CTD is supported by the SeaStar software and the Communication Box which serves as an ...

    By Star-Oddi Ltd. based in Gardabaer, ICELAND.

  • Ocean Seven - Model 307 CTD - Digital Modules

    The OCEAN SEVEN 307 CTD digital OEM modules make it easy to interface the full ocean IDRONAUT Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure sensors with third-party equipment, via the built-in RS485 digital interface and a simple communication protocol. The modules have high-accuracy and high-resolution preamplifiers and the processing power needed to ...

    By Idronaut S.r.l based in Brugherio (MB), ITALY. from Sensors Product line

  • Minos-X - New Standard In Vertical Profiling

    The Minos-X is a small vertical profiler that allows you to change the instrument’s sensor load, in-the-field and on-demand. With the Minos-X, your SVPT can become a CTD; Shallow pressure sensors can be swapped for deep; and temperature range can be extended or tightened, as needed. One single profiler meets multiple deployment requirements.

    By AML Oceanographic Ltd based in Sidney, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Sensor Xchangeable Instruments Product line

  • HD Low Profile Dump Trailer

    45 Degree Dump Angle, Deep Cycle Marine Grade Battery, (5) D-Ring Tie-Downs, 7-Way RV Style Electrical Plug, Welded Tubular Steel Main Frame, Ramps (Stored Underneath Bed), Iron Phosphate Wash Steel Prep, 2-5/16' A-Frame Coupler, Side Steps, Spare Tire Mount, Combo Barn Door Spreader Gate, EZ Lube Hubs, Powder Coat Finish.

    By D-P Equipment Company Inc based in Camden , MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Model SC 155: Up to 6 NM (SC 155 I) or 7NM (SC 155 II) - Self-Contained LED Marine Lanterns

    The SCC 155 I and SC 155 II are self-contained LED marine lanterns for fixed and floating structures. Each option combines a durable, large-format solar engine with optional GSM remote monitoring. The SC 155 is available in all IALA colours and is designed for long uninterrupted operation in a wide range of installation locations.

    By Carmanah Technologies Corporation based in Victoria, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Marine Product line

  • SeaSonde - HF Radar System

    The SeaSonde HF radar system by CODAR Ocean Sensors is your solution for making continuous, wide-area ocean observations. The SeaSonde will provide you with years of real-time data over large coverage areas, with ranges up to 200 km -- This is not possible with any other technology! The SeaSonde is a compact, non-contact surface current and wave ...

    By CODAR Ocean Sensors based in Mountain View, CALIFORNIA (USA). from SeaSonde Product line

  • TrashNet - Debris Control Systems

    The original TrashNet Debris Control Systems are designed to provide the best combination of performance, handling, flexibility, strength, durability and economy.  There are many options which address the methods of containment, diversion and removal that can be expected in the vast array of waterway current profiles.  These systems are ...

    By Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Debris Containment Product line

  • Nutripal - Marine Ingredients With Remarkable Nutritional

    High quality marine ingredients with remarkable nutritional characteristics/benefits : soluble proteins, fat profiles (phospholipids, cholesterol), digestibility, palatability.

    By Aquativ is part of Symrise AG based in Elven, FRANCE.

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