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  • Advantages and disadvantages of glass fiber board carbon fiber board and aramid fiber

    (1) As far as tensile strength is concerned, the glass fiber board is low and the carbon fiber board is 3000 ~ 5000MPa high. Aramid fiber can also produce products greater than 3000MPa in recent years; aramid is poor in heat resistance of organic fiber; glass fiber cost Low; glass fiber and carbon fiber are brittle fibers. When used, the weaving entanglement is slightly worse. The aramid fiber ...


  • Thermotron = Environmental Test Chamber

    At Thermotron we are flattered when we hear environmental test chambers referred to as Thermotrons. Knowing that our brand name is synonymous with environmental test chambers just as Sharpie, Kleenex, Q-Tips, Post-it, and Scotch Tape are ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydro-Lance Wet Particulate Scrubbers

    Hydro-Lance Wet Particulate Scrubbers

    With Venturi scrubbers, the dirty gas entering a scrubber is forced at high velocity through a Venturi where it collides with scrubbing water. The tiny water droplets capture particles through impaction and diffusion. The dirty water is then removed in a cyclonic separator and discharged into a recycle tank. Some of the liquid is continuously purged to limit the solids concentration and allow ...