Material Level Monitoring

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  • Level - what is Capacitance?

    Level - what is Capacitance?

    An electrical parameter which physically is most easy to define, electrically often misconstrued. Physically, a capacitor is two electrical conductors separated by a non-conducting (or very high resistance) medium between the conductors. Consider the two plates of area (A) in Figure 1. The plates are metallic and they are separated by a distance (D). Figure ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Ultrasonic measurement Time-of-Flight

    Ultrasonic measurement Time-of-Flight

    Hygienic sensor for level and flow measurement for connection to FMU9x (measuring range up to 10m). The FDU91F ultrasonic sensor for continuous, non-contact and maintenance-free level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludges and powdery to coarse bulk materials. Also for flow measurement in open channels and at weirs. Measurement is unaffected by dielectric constant, density or humidity and also ...