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  • Membrane filtration for water quality testing

    Membrane filtration for water quality testing

    Microbial quality of a product has the potential for immediate impact to the consumer. A reliable and versatile water testing method is a necessity to determine the safety for human contact, use, and consumption, and detect the presence of organisms that cause spoilage and reduced shelf life. Often the challenge in water quality testing involves concentrating enough of the target organism to ...

  • MIDES Project

    MIDES Project

    The production of low-cost drinking water from sustainable resources is still the biggest challenge facing the world. Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination is broadly used to produce drinking water. ...


  • One Year Integration Milestone

    One Year Integration Milestone

    The demand for membrane chemicals is growing, and the global chemicals market is projected with a growth rate of an estimated 8% annually. Recognizing this market opportunity, Kurita Water Industries, Ltd., a leading water treatment integrated ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Sievers Portable TOC Analyzer

    Sievers Portable TOC Analyzer

    The lightweight, compact design of the Sievers M9 Portable Analyzer gives you the option for TOC analysis at various locations- at-line, online, or in the lab. It offers the same accuracy and compliance as the lab model, but it can be installed online for continuous measurement or carried to any location in the water system for troubleshooting. The M9 Portable has options for simultaneous Stage 1 ...