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  • De-icing roads with beet juice extract - Case Study

    peCOD Analyzes Beet Juice Extract for Use as De-icer of RoadwaysWinter weather is often accompanied by icy road conditions, making driving a headache and in some cases, a real danger. Road salt has long since been used to combat road and sidewalk ice, but its use presents challenges to the surrounding ecosystem. Increased salinity has been reported in Canadian and American groundwater, an

  • Continuing Challenge HAZMAT Workshop

    Join Jeff at the Continuing Challenge Hazmat Workshop, booth TBD, for a demonstration of our Jerome® mercury vapor analyzers and see the difference that an accurate, user-friendly, reliable and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Mercury Analyser System

    Mercury Analyser System

    The OPSIS HG200 mercury analyser is designed for ambient air quality monitoring, for detecting mercury indoors, and for monitoring in plants. The HG200 analyser monitors elementary mercury, Hg(0), concentrations in the ambient air, from health-hazardous down to the environmental background levels.