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Meteorological Monitoring Equipment

  • Model RG 100 - Sturdy Precipitation Rain Data Collector.

    The RG 100 rain data collector offers a maximum of security and compactness, due to its special casing (aluminum casting). The integrated heating device prevents freezing when temperatures are low; a bird-protection-ring secures the measuring device against damage caused by birds, and the skimmer basket prevents pollution. On the basis of a tipper ...

    By Wasser-Abwasser Systemtechnik GmbH based in Braunschweig, GERMANY. from Precipitation Monitoring Product line

  • Model WLS-8000 - Industrial Weather Station

    The WLS-8000 Weather Station features industrial grade high-resolution/highly accurate sensors, a large digital display, and 128K non-volatile memory with an integral clock. This system is fully addressable by PC via the RS-232 and it logs 4000 data points to memory. Up to the second real-time data transfer to a Windows based PC with included ...

    By Scientific Sales, Inc. based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Professional Meteorological Instruments Product line

  • WeatherHawk - Model 620 - Wireless Weather Station

    The WeatherHawk Series 600 family of weather stations measure and record wind speed and direction; air temperature and relative humidity; barometric pressure and solar radiation; rainfall and snowfall. In addition, the system calculates and exports an evapotranspiration (ET) value that can be used by third party systems for irrigation control. ...

    By Scientific Sales, Inc. based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Professional Meteorological Instruments Product line

  • Wroot Water - Weather Stations

    Wroot Water uses Metos weather stations. Metos have been designing, Manufacturing and perfecting various types of weather and disease monitoring equipment for 25 years. Wroot Water has worked closely with the Metos for the last 10 years with the aim to provide our customers a realiable and effective Weather Station to help them yield top quality ...

    By Wroot Water Ltd based in Doncaster, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Solinst Rainlogger Edge - Model 3002 - Rain Gauge Datalogger

    The Rainlogger Edge is an inexpensive datalogger designed to record the tips of a standard tipping-bucket rain gauge with a normally-open style reed switch output. This compact and durable field unit offers long-term reliability and convenience with a battery that lasts up to 10 years, and improved ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection with an ...

    By Solinst Canada Ltd. based in Georgetown, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Data Loggers & Telemetry Product line

  • 230-WE100 Barometric Pressure Sensor

    The 230-WE100 Barometric Pressure Sensor covers a pressure range from 800 to 1100 mb. It is fully temperature compensated within an operating range of -40 to 65 degrees Celsius. The output is 4-20 mA with a two-wire current-loop configuration.

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Barometric Pressure Sensors Product line

  • 260-IRU-9400 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensors

    The 260-IRU-9400 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensors use ultrasonic technology to provide a non-contact method of detecting level of water or snow. The ultrasonic sensor transmits pulsed waves of high frequency sound. If the sound wave meets a reflective object, such as liquid, it bounces back toward the sensor. The sensor records the time required for ...

    By NovaLynx Corporation based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Rain and Snow Sensors Product line

  • Tipping Buckets

    Response Group manufactures Tipping Buckets suitable for a range of applications in the treatment of municipal wastewater and industrial effluent. The Tipping Bucket system provides an economic and efficient flushing system for stormwater, primary and secondary settlement tanks. The system can also be adapted to flush large diameter sewers ...

    By Response Group based in Charleville, IRELAND.

  • Model MT-CH0001 & MT- CH0002 - Ceilometer

    The Professional Ceilometer is a standalone instrument for detecting cloud height from an eye-safe laser. It uses the Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) principle with a low power diode laser. This highly reliable and accurate ceilometer has a detection range up to 40,000 feet, as well as a demonstrated mean-time-between-failures of over 150,000 ...

    By Mesotech International, Inc. based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Sensors and Equipment Product line

  • Davis - Model II - Rain Collector

    Designed to meet the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization, our self-emptying tipping-bucket design is exceptionally accurate. Used to display daily and accumulated rainfall on our weather stations as well as rate of rainfall when available on select weather stations. Comes with 40' (12 m) standard cable.

    By Davis Instruments Corp. based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Weather - Sensors Product line

  • Lao Ying - Model 5020 - Intelligent Rainwater Sampler

    It's used to sample the falling dust and rainwater.It has the rainwater sensor.The water bucket is continuous temperature.It has the remote data transmission.The logging data is stored in computer.

    By China Qingdao Huankong Equipment Co,.Ltd. based in Qingdao , CHINA.

  • Model PDS-WX-4 - Weather Sensor

    The PDS-WX-4 features higher-accuracy temperature readings and improved wind speed and direction accuracy.

    By Pacific Data Systems Pty Ltd based in Eight Mile Plains, AUSTRALIA. from Weather Sensors Product line

  • Model CW 12 / RW 12 - Meteorological Station

    Data logger with up to 8 analog measuring channels. Resolution: 14 Bit plus sign. Frequency and digital inputs (optional opto-decoupled). Event registration. Compact design. Serial interface for PC or modem

    By GERO Meßsysteme GmbH based in Braunschweig, GERMANY. from Meteorological Stations Product line

  • Tipping Buckets

    Tipping Buckets provides a simple solution for flushing retention tanks – maintaining Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) capacity and prevents problems arising from stagnant effluent such as septicity and unpleasant odours. Tipping Buckets are versatile in design, capable of cleaning a retention tank over 56m long and 16m wide in a single flush, ...

    By Echelon Environmental based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Combined Sewer- Combined Sewer Overflow Storage Product line

  • Model 8339 - Laser Ceilometer

    The Model 8339 Laser Ceilometer measures cloud height and thickness, in addition to vertical visibility.  Unlike other ceilometers, the Model 8339 detects up to four cloud layers simultaneously to a distance of 25,000 vertical feet. Its precision makes it ideal for applications requiring the highest level of performance and reliability, such ...

    By All Weather, Inc. based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Meteorological Sensors Product line

  • Skye - Single or Multi-channel Dataloggers

    Weatherproof housing and connectors as standard. Easy-to-use. Complete independent units. Self-contained batteries last up to 6 months. Data offload & logger setup via RS232 port (cable and software supplied as standard for PC). Optional fast offload and data graphing software (SkyeLynx Deluxe) is available. Remote access options include: ...

    By Skye Instruments Ltd based in Llandrindod Wells, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dataloggers Product line

  • Pulsonic - Model 3070 - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

    Tipping bucket rain gauge.

    By Pulsonic based in Orsay, FRANCE. from Rain Gauge Product line

  • Model 8 - Rain Gauge / Tipping Bucket

    The Texas Electronics, Inc. TR-525USW Rainfall Sensor with 8' diameter funnel is a remote tipping bucket style rain gauge that measures liquid precipitation. The Rain Gauge is a freestanding receptacle for measuring precipitation. Through an opening at the top of the device, rain is collected and then funneled to a mechanical device, called a ...

    By Texas Electronics Inc. based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Rain Gauges Product line

  • Envirtech - Model MK-IV 3 Metres - Oceanographic Data Buoy

    The Envirtech MKIV, 3-Metres buoy, is state of the art in met-ocean data gathering. The buoy is composed of a multi-sector rotationally moulded, foam-filled floats, and stainless steel mechanical frame and turret. It can host many payloads. In standard configuration it includes a solid-state MEMS directional wave measurement pack, an automatic ...

    By Envirtech Subsea Systems S.r.l. based in Via Patrioti, ITALY. from Data Buoys Product line

  • Snow Pack Analyser System SPA-2

    Getting information about snow by measurements is very difficult. There is the necessity to registrate many parameters to make reliable statements about the snow pack. Additionally, snow has an enormous variability in space and time. Until now there are only punctual measurements available for the relevant parameters. The Snow Pack Analysing ...

    By SOMMER Messtechnik based in Koblach, AUSTRIA. from Snow Monitoring Equipment Product line

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