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Model No. WM271 - Meteorological Parameters

by Envirotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. (EIPL)     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Reliable information of wind movements is a critical requirement for air quality management. Polluting gases and particulates released from elevated industrial stacks disperse by a variety of mechanisms and by the time the pollutants reach ground level their concentration is reduced to a fraction of the emitted level. The extent of dispersion and ...

AWOS - Model 3000 - Automatically Measures Meteorological Parameters

by All Weather, Inc.     based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

AWI’s AWOS 3000 automatically measures meteorological parameters, uses a powerful computer to analyze the data, and broadcasts aviation weather reports.  These certified weather reports can be used to fulfill the requirements of various FARs, create published flight plans, or even report to the National Weather Service. The AWOS 3000 is ...

Sensors of Meteorological Parameters

by Atmoservice     based in Poznan, POLAND

To receive complete information, Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring System should provide beside concentrations of pollutants information of meteorological parameters. Construction of meteo sensors enables to configuration system according to individual requirements of customers.

Delta-T - Model WS-GP2 - Advanced Automatic Weather Station System

by Delta-T Devices Ltd.     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

The new advanced WS-GP2 Automatic Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger. It is an ideal solution for research and environmental monitoring applications - especially unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites. It provides a highly rugged and flexible system - users can select the optimal combination of sensors, ...

Meteo - Multiparameter Sensors

by ecoTech Umwelt- Meßsysteme GmbH     based in Bonn, GERMANY

Multiparameter instrument measures all important weather parameters in one compact sonde; no moveably parts, low maintenance

Maximet - Model GMX100 - Compact Weather Stations

by Streamline Measurement Limited     based in Glossop, UNITED KINGDOM

Precipitation. An integrated optical rain gauge that automatically senses water hitting its outside surface and provides measurements based on the size and number of drops. Algorithms interpret this data and simulate the output of a tipping bucket rain gauge in a serial format. The optical rain gauge has no moving parts associated with tipping ...

Hydra - Model II - Soil Moisture Sensor

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The Hydra II probe measures 10 different parameters simultaneously. The Hydra Probe instantly calculates soil moisture, conductivity, salinity and temperature as well as additional parameter for research applications.

Felix - Automatic Weather Station

by Felix Technology Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Automatic weather station measures various meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and ambient pressure. The data collected in the weather station can be monitored on site or transferred to a remote server.

Model WXT520 - Compact and Lightweight Multiparameter Weather Sensor

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures the parameters wind speed and direction, precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity - all in one transmitter.

Felix - Data Buoy for Marine Weather Station

by Felix Technology Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Buoy is the ultimate multipurpose one. The hull design features a welded aluminum hull surrounded by a moulded ionomer foam ring for superior buoyancy and durability. The rigid aluminum superstructure is bolted securely to the hull and is designed uniquely for freshwater and marine monitoring applications. The superstructure is fitted with a ...

Model 3D - Ultrasonic Anemometer

by Toragon AB     based in Umea, SWEDEN

The Ultrasonic Anemometer 3 D serves for the measurement of the wind direction and the wind velocity from all spatial directions. The maintenance-free and wearless anemometer needs no re-calibration, and is equipped with a heating for winter operation even under extreme conditions. All calculations are carried out by a high-capacity ...

Silicon Solar Radiation Sensor

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

This sensor is an inexpensive solution for measuring solar irradiance. Active temperature compensation and conversion help to supply reliable measurement results. 

MicroStep-MIS - Microclimate Cave Monitoring System

by MicroStep-MIS     based in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Microclimate cave monitoring system aim is a detail measurement, recording and storing of data of selected natural parameters of cave environment. Cave monitoring system is a unique integrated system consisting of permanent and mobile data loggers, communication network, data collection and central database and management system.

Visibility Sensor Sentry

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The visibility sensor Sentry measures visibility (MOR) by means of scattered light method within the range of 30 m up to 16 km.

Weighing Rain Gauges

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Weighing rain gauges with 200cm2 or 500cm2 orifice, integrated sensor heating, integrated processor unit eliminates automatically the following effects: Wind vibration. Particles falling into catchment tank. Unreal jump transition . Evaporation. Temperature fluctuation.

Precipitation Gauge Heated and Unheated

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Low cost, high-grade precipitation gauge in unheated and heated version. The design of the rain gauges use a proven tipping bucket mechanism for simple and effective rainfall measurement. The bucket geometry and material are specially selected for maximum water release, thereby reducing contamination and errors. There are two versions available, ...

Hydroclip Air Humidity-/Air Temperature Sensor

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The Hygroclip is a high quality sensor module for measuring air humidity and air temperature. The humidity measurement is based on the Hygromer capacitive humidity sensor. The sensors are 100% exchangeable without re-adjustment.

MRF-C High-Grade Precipitation Gauge

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

High-grade precipitation gauge with a collecting area of 500 cm². Advanced heating system for operation at extreme areas. Measuring method: tipping bucket.

Sunshine Duration Sensor SD6

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The sunshine duration sensor SD6 detects sunshine duration according to the WMO guidelines. At solar radiation > 120 W/m2 'sunshine' is signaled. Integrated heating elements allow an operation also during fog and frost.

First Class Wind Sensors

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

High-grade, precise wind direction sensors (wind vane) and wind speed sensors (anemometer) for all applications within professional meteorology with and without sensor heating.

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