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Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

by Casella     Distributor in GERMANY

The Casella TBRG is reliable and extremely robust, designed as a stand-alone sensor for operation with a secondary  logging system. The TBRG is quick and easy to deploy with the minimum of maintenance.

Met One 380 - Tipping bucket rain gauge (12")

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     Distributor in Bonn, GERMANY

The Met One 380 series rain gauge with a 12 inch catch provides accurate precipitation measurement in remote or otherwise unattended locations. Accurate to ±0.5% (1.0% during high precipitation events), the unit is constructed out of corrosion-resistant materials and features a Teflon-coated bucket catch to help ensure a long service life. It ...

Met One 370/375 - Tipping bucket rain gauge (8")

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     Distributor in Bonn, GERMANY

The Met One Instruments 370 Series all-metal precipitation gauge measures rain and/or snow in all environments using a tipping bucket mechanism. The economical tipping bucket design allows accurate, repeatable measurements, requiring no regular maintenance. The 370 Series is optimized to meet particular site and sampling requirements and exceeds ...

Automatic Rain Gauge

by Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UGT)     based in Müncheberg, GERMANY

This rain gauge with tipping bucket has a magnetic encoder with reed contact. The tipping bucket empties automatically each time it catches rain from 0.2 mm precipitation and triggers an electrical pulse. These pulses are added together when recording the data. The data recording can either use an electronic counter or a 1-channel data logger.

OTT Pluvio² - Universal Precipitation Gauge

by OTT Hydromet - a member of Hach Company     based in Kempten, GERMANY

Universal precipitation gauge using the balance principle for liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. It does not matter whether it is drizzle, sleet, hail or snow, the new OTT Pluvio² reliably and accurately measures both, the amount and the intensity of liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. It works according to the balance principle, ...

Casella - Model Storm Guardian - Rainfall Monitoring System

by Casella     Distributor in GERMANY

STORM Guardian is an early warning system that mitigates the risk to lives and property from the increasing incidence of high intensity rainfall and subsequent flash flooding.  Based on a proven tipping bucket rain gauge (TBRG) connected to a GPRS enabled datalogger, it operates autonomously for up to seven years on a single battery.

MetPak - Model Pro - Weather Station

by Gill Instruments Limited     Distributor in GERMANY

MetPak Pro includes the same on-board sensors as the MetPak II as standard. The new MetPak Pro allows the integration of up to four sensors (e.g rain gauge, water level, pyranometer, pressure and soil temperature) in addition to the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and dew point sensors supplied. Software to ...

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