Methane (CH4) Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • An Overview of the Industries Requiring Gas Sensing

    IntroductionAt Edinburgh Sensors, we produce a diverse range of gas sensors for the fast, reliable and continuous detection of a range of gases that can be used across a range of industries.Our sensors are manufactured in the UK and use infrared (IR) detection technology, measuring absorption by the gas with signals present at all gas concentrations. Our IR gas sensors can be sel


  • 20 firms contributing massively to carbon emissions

    20 firms contributing massively to carbon emissions

    A recent report has revealed that just a handful of oil and gas companies are behind over a third of all global warming emissions since 1965. Conducted by Richard Heede from the Climate Accountability Institute and commissioned by the Guardian ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Multi-Gas Detector (PPM Ranges)

    Portable Multi-Gas Detector (PPM Ranges)

    The XP-3160 is an economical portable combustible gas detection system for environmental and spot check applications. The XP-3160 features built-in correction factors and can be configured to detect up to 5 flammable gases at once. Select from over 20 gases in your custom configuration. Simple and reliable sensing allows you to use the XP-3160 with confidence. For the quick measurement of ...