Microbiology Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Online waste water monitoring system on golfcourse

    Validation of BACTcontrol as an online waste water Monitoring System and Microbiological Early Warning System. The presence of dangerous micro organisms in water used in food processing or surface water can be a real threat for human health. The constant monitoring and control of the presence of such dangerous pathogens is therefore of big importance. In a collaboration project between a local ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Dual Chamber Incubator

    Dual Chamber Incubator

    The AquaSafe Water Safety Laboratory WSL50 Pro represents the evolution of the next generation of portable water safety laboratories. The lightweight kit has been optimised for field use. Microbiological testing has been revolutionised with our high-capacity dual incubator incorporating PetriLok technology for simplified sample handling. The novel lightweight hard anodised aluminium membrane ...