Microbiology Testing

Articles & Whitepapers

  • United Utilities (U.K.) optimization of activated sludge process (ASP) - Case Study

    United Utilities uses the SENTRY monitoring platform to optimize loading capacity and energy efficiency of the Activated Sludge Process. "SENTRY is quick and easy to install and boasts an intuitive dashboard to display it's graphical representation of real-time data. This has provided us with a whole new level of insight into our site performance, which our graduate team are utilising to study ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Bioaerosol Sampling System

    Bioaerosol Sampling System

    BFE Bio Kit Bioaerosol Sampling System, allows to be in compliance with all the requests for BFE % efficiency test (Bacterial filtration efficiency) and breathability test (Pa/cm²) for medical face mask materials according to the EN14683 as well as according to ASTM 2100 and ASTM 2101. BFE Bio kit is also done for EN ISO 9237 for measuring the permeability of fabrics to air and it is ...

Upcoming Events

  • Investigating ATP Analysis for Infrastructure Release for Service - Webinar

    Investigating ATP Analysis for Infrastructure Release for Service - Webinar

    Drinking water distribution system infrastructure is periodically taken out of service for repair, replacement, cleaning, or maintenance. The absence of coliform organisms is generally accepted as verification that disinfection has been successful and that the infrastructure can be released for service. Because conventional coliform detection methods take at least 24 hours, utilities are ...