Microfluidic Instruments

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Syringe Pumps vs Peristaltic Pumps - Case Study

    IntroductionDifferent applications require a pump, among all the options peristaltic and syringe pumps, are the most suitable. However, selection of the best is always a disjunctive. In general terms, laboratory and industrial process use peristaltic pumps. A user needs to know more about the systems and proper comparison of these technologies. In some cases is difficult to understand wha


  • High-Precision Material Dosing Using Syringe Pumps

    High-precision material dosing in a research experiment determines success or failure of the research experiment. For example, in microfluidic experiments a syringe pump carries out material dosing; and the quality of instrument (syringe pump) ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ultra Compact Oxygen Meter

    Ultra Compact Oxygen Meter

    The ultra-compact Piccolo2 is a fiber-optic oxygen meter integrated in a small USB stick housing based on the proven high-precision REDFLASH technology from PyroScience. The Piccolo2 is optimized for advanced applications of contactless sensors in closed set-ups with constant temperature. It features very low power consumption, contactless read-out of oxygen sensor spots through up to 20 mm thick ...