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Microfluidic Instruments equipment for Monitoring and Testing

  • Piccolo - Model 2 - Ultra Compact Oxygen Meter

    The ultra-compact Piccolo2 is a fiber-optic oxygen meter integrated in a small USB stick housing based on the proven high-precision REDFLASH technology from PyroScience. The Piccolo2 is optimized for advanced applications of contactless sensors in closed set-ups with constant temperature. It features very low power consumption, contactless ...

    By PyroScience GmbH based in Aachen, GERMANY. from Laboratory Instruments Product line

  • QuantWave - Rapid Drinking Water Pathogen Testing Technologies

    QuantWave provides drinking water suppliers and food/beverage manufacturers with a rapid, cost-effective, portable, and label-free pathogen and contaminant detection solution that can significantly reduce testing time and cost.

    By QuantWave Technologies Inc. based in Kitchener, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Chip Holders & Connections

    The Fluidic Connect PRO and the Fluidic Connect 4515 allow user to make fluidic and electrical connections to microfluidic chips in a user friendly way. With these chip holders you create your lab-on-chip setup within minutes of time.  The chip holders are durable and robust. They are compatible with standard laboratory equipment such as ...

    By Micronit based in PV Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • Triflo - Model MFS 3000 TI - Microfluid Systems

    3800 gallon two compartment tank integrated with three axle pintle hook hitch trailer. System includes four corner leveling jacks, all necessary plumbing for three centrifugal pumps, one 8-4 mud cleaner and one 4” mud hopper. Other features include a fold out mud slide at the rear of the system, dump gates in each compartment, safety ...

    By Triflo International Inc. based in Willis, TEXAS (USA). from Microfluid Systems Product line

  • Burkert - Model Type 7615 - Micro Dosing Unit

    Bürkert’s Micro Dosing Unit has been designed for precise dosing applications in the microliter range. It combines high dosing accuracy and precision with excellent chemical inertness._x000D_ The unit is comprised of three valves which can be opened simultaneously for flushing. Active inlet and outlet valves enable the device to pump ...

    By Burkert Fluid Control Systems based in Huntersville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Microfluidic Valves and Pumps Product line

  • Triflo - Model MFS 3500 - Mud Cleaning System

    3500 gallon two compartment tank 7’w x 20’l x 5’h mounted on a heavy duty three beam skid 7’w x 28’l with pull pipe on each end. Tank includes necessary plumbing for three centrifugal pumps, one mud cleaner and 4” mud hopper. Other features include Mud Slides, Dump Gates, Fold Down Catwalk, Handrails, Toe Plate, ...

    By Triflo International Inc. based in Willis, TEXAS (USA). from Microfluid Systems Product line

  • FireSting - Model O2 - Optical Oxygen Meter

    The compact FireStingO2 is a PC-controlled (USB) fiber-optic oxygen meter available with 1, 2 or 4 channels, which can be combined with the complete oxygen sensor portfolio from PyroScience, ranging from microsensors (50 µm tip) to robust probes (3 mm tip), and including also diverse smart contactless oxygen sensor solutions (for ...

    By PyroScience GmbH based in Aachen, GERMANY. from Laboratory Instruments Product line

  • BOROFLOAT - Model 33 - Borosilicate Glass

    The Outstanding Multi-Functional Borosilicate Float Glass for Advanced Technical Applications. BOROFLOAT 33 borosilicate glass is SCHOTT's globally recognized name for high-quality, multi-purpose float glass. This unique specialty float glass is manufactured by SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH using the Microfloat process and the latest ...

    By Schott AG based in Southbridge, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Model MFCS-VAC Series - Microfluidic Flow Control Systems

    The MFCSTM-VAC is a negative pressure-driven flow controller operating, dedicated to microfluidic applications requiring negative pressures down to -800mbar. Even at negative pressure, the MFCSTM (microfluidic control system-vacuum) provides the highest stability and responsiveness.

    By Fluigent based in VILLEJUIF, FRANCE.

  • Micromixers

    The mixing of fluids in microfluidics can be performed in various ways. One way is using micromixers with so-called folding flow techniques. Folding flow micromixers consist of a chain of elements. In each element the flow is folded upon itself, decreasing the length scale for mixing and thus reducing the mixing time. Other advantages of ...

    By Micronit based in PV Enschede, NETHERLANDS.

  • rqmicro - Microfluidics Technology

    rqmicro uses the great potential of microfluidics to deliver a product that allows for a highly efficient separation and purification of target cells from samples of varying complexity using immunomagnetic separation (IMS). As the sample passes through a narrow channel in the microfluidic cartridge, target cells are isolated and resuspended in ...

    By rqmicro AG based in Schlieren, SWITZERLAND. from Technology Product line

  • MicruX - Microfluidic Electrophoresis Chips

    MicruX develops reusable microfluidic electrophoresis chips manufactured on highly resistant hybrid SU-8/Pyrex material. Moreover, microfluidic chips are fabricated with integrated electrodes on the pyrex cover plate. The innovative microfluidic chips provide a long life (over 1000 runs/injections) with a low-cost, high efficiency and precision.

    By MicruX Technologies based in Oviedo, SPAIN. from Micrdfluidic Devices Product line

  • MicruX - Model DC Series - Microfluidic Platform

    Microfluidic interface DC enables the use of standard single & dual-channel microchips (38 x 13 mm) with integrated electrodes. The platform provides the electrical contacts for detection and voltage electrodes on integrated PCB.

    By MicruX Technologies based in Oviedo, SPAIN. from Microfluidic Platforms Product line

  • Fluigent - Droplet Starter Pack

    Ideal for biologists and chemists who wants to start with microfluidic droplets experiments. Includes the EZ Drop chips, full adapted liquid handling solution and accessories. Cost effective solution. Easy and friendly to use EZ Drop chip. No complex connectors. From 20 to 100µm droplets and up to 1200 Hz. For cell encapsulation or polymer ...

    By Fluigent based in VILLEJUIF, FRANCE.

  • thinXXS - Microfluidic Systems

    Microfluidics stands for the scaling of macroscopic processes when handling fluids and gases to the microscopic range: minimum fluid volumes are extracted, transported, processed and analysed. Naturally, phenomena at the smallest dimensions are dominated by other physical effects, which have to be considered.

    By thinXXS Microtechnology AG based in Zweibrücken, GERMANY.

  • Model LM10 - Digitally Controlled Lab Unit

    LM10 Microfluidizer High Shear Fluid Homogenizer. This pneumatically driven Microfluidizer, with its modern user interface, is designed for the budget-conscious researcher working with small samples. The LM10 efficiently converts fluid pressure into shear forces. By maintaining constant pressure, this processor ensures that 100% of the material ...

    By Earthwise Environmental based in Westwood, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Lab Machines Product line

  • Model M-110P - Electric Benchtop Laboratory Homogenizer

    M-110P Microfluidizer for Continuous High Shear Fluid Processing. The newly updated M-110P lab-scale model, with modern touch screen interface, is a premium lab unit. Powered by a standard 20 amp single-phase electrical outlet, the M-110P requires no compressed air and no hydraulic cooling water to achieve up to 2000 bar (30,000 psi) operating ...

    By Earthwise Environmental based in Westwood, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Lab Machines Product line

  • BioForce - Model SPT-S-C10S – 5 Pack - Surface Patterning Tool

    The SPT surface patterning tool is the “ink cartridge” for the Nano eNabler™ system. Each SPT print cartridge is a microcantilever-based microfluidic sample handling and delivery device. SPT print cartridges contain either a single microcantilever print head or multiple microcantilevers for simultaneous printing of multiple ...

    By BioForce Nanosciences, Inc. based in Ames, ILLINOIS (USA). from Surface Patterning Tools & Accessories Product line

  • Amphasys - Microfluidic Chips

    The heart of the cytometer consists of a patented microfluidic chip equipped with microelectrodes. This high-sensitivity sensor measures changes of the electrical resistance (impedance) of the fluidic medium when pollen or other particles pass through the applied AC electric field.

    By Amphasys AG based in Root D4, SWITZERLAND. from Consumables Product line

  • Fusion - Model 6000 - High Pressure Syringe Pump

    The Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump is designed for dosing viscous solutions, and semi-solid material injections against pressure.  This system allows also for both heated syringe temperature control and pressure modulation while providing precision flow and performance that are critical to experimental success. The Fusion 6000 ...

    By Chemyx Inc based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA).

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