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  • Stacker
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    By Analytik Jena AG

    The efficient microplate storage with stackers enables unattended and fully automatic processing of large batches of plates and consequently increases your walk-away time.

  • Highly Flexible Liquid Handling System
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    Highly Flexible Liquid Handling System

    By Analytik Jena AG

    The use of the GeneTheatre greatly simplifies all pending pipettingtasks in a laboratory and allows for full automation. In addition to microplate handling, this highly flexible workstation also accommodates the use of ...

  • Barcode Reader
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    Barcode Reader

    By Analytik Jena AG

    Integrated barcode reader for online control of barcode labeling.Using the integrated barcode reader, information can be read from one plate or one side, modified according to the user`s needs, and printed onto a label ...

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  • Omnicell Global

    Omnicell Global

    We are a manufacturer of disposable plastic labware. Omnicell has always adopted the highest standards of quality and services. We take pride in ...

  • Chroma Technology Corporation

    Chroma Technology Corporation

    Chroma Technology manufactures high-performance optical interference filters using sputtering and ion beam technologies. Covering a spectral range ...

  • CORE Life Sciences Ltd.

    Core Life Sciences is a distributor and service provider for microarray, PCR, electrophoresis, and microplate products used in life science research. ...

  • Conquer Scientific

    Conquer Scientific

    Conquer Scientific is a global supplier of high-quality analytical instruments located in San Diego, California. Founded by a researcher in 2007, we ...



    REAGEN LLC is an indrustry-leading biomedical enterprise focused on designing and producing a broad range of ELISA kits, including clinical ...