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Microscopes Equipment

  • Unico - Model M280 - Basic Microscope

    UNICO M280 Series Microscope is small in size, but big on features. With 4 position reverse nosepiece, merchanical stage great optics and variable LED illumination for years of relaible service. The M280 combines affordability with functionality. All the features of higher priced models in a slimmed down frame, all at a very economical price. The ...

    By Unico based in Dayton, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Microscope Product line

  • Model FT-IR - Microscopes

    JASCO offers two innovative FT-IR Microscope accessories, the IRT-5000 and IRT-7000, providing several new functions that drastically improve infrared microspectroscopy analyses. Both microscope systems can be easily interfaced with either the FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 spectrometer, offering the most advanced microscopy and imaging systems ...

    By JASCO Inc. based in Easton, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Model SM Plus - Stereo Microscope

    Ergonomic handle making microscope transportation safe and secure. Durable and precise dove-tail stand. Ultra bright 30 LED bulb incident light and unique stage plate creating uniform transmitted illumination. Adjustable top and bottom illumination. Extra long working distance

    By Ample Scientific L.L.C based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Stereo Microscope Product line

  • Alpha - Model 300 A - Atomic Force Microscope

    The WITec Atomic Force Microscope alpha300 A is a reliable, high-quality nano-imaging system integrated with a research-grade optical microscope and provides superior optical access, easy cantilever alignment and high-resolution sample survey. WITec Atomic Force Microscopes are developed and designed to allow combination with other imaging ...

  • PAMAS - Model FastPatch 2 GO - Microscope System

    The microscope system PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO has been developed to comply with the standard ISO 4407 as an automated filter membrane particle counting and sizing system. The system is designed to measure the particles trapped on the surface of the filter. The analysis uses advanced image analysis and microscope automation techniques to provide rapid ...

    By PAMAS - Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme GmbH based in Rutesheim, GERMANY. from Particle Counters- Laboratory Product line

  • Zarbeco - Model 2 Megapixel - Digital Microscopes

    The 2 megapixel digital microscope (with

    By Zarbeco LLC based in Randolph, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Digital Microscopes Product line

  • gemkolabwell - Model 706 - student microscopes

    LABORATORY MICROSCOPE & MORE EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES.09896150991 G.S . INSTRUMENTS INDUSTRIES is a Reputed ,Trusted Manufacturer and Exporter of Good Quality LABORATORY MICROSCOPE & MORE EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES. since 1980 with Timely deliveries and Moderate Prices. Our complete range is given on Kindly send us your ...

  • Milli-Kelvin - Model mK-SPM Series - Scanning Probe Microscope

    A reliable mK-SPM solution for Dilution Refrigerators & He3 Cryostats.Robust mK-SPM design enables Operation in closed cycle or wet cryogenic system.Temperatures down to 20mKMulti-Mode: SHPM (Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy with spatial resolution up to 50 nm), Real time scanning with SHPM.AFM ( Quartz Tuning Fork and conventional cantilever ...

    By NanoMagnetics Instruments based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Low Temperature Microscopes Product line

  • Asbestos Analysis Range

    Motic’s BA series  microscopes are of exceptional quality and performance and include many variations and accessories.From these we configured our new Asbestos Analysis Microscopes for Counting & Bulk ID.The BA-PHASE counting microscope fully conforms to current UKAS specification and is supplied ready for use including carry ...

    By Microscopes Plus Ltd based in Barnet, UNITED KINGDOM. from Microscopes Product line

  • MIRA3 - Model LM - PC Controlled Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE SEM)

    A fully PC controlled FE SEM intended for both – for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations. Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free digital image with super clarity. Sophisticated user-friendly software for microscope control and image capturing using Windows platform, standard formats of stored images, enhanced image ...

    By Mikrolux d.o.o. based in Zaprešić, CROATIA. from Mira Feg-Sem Product line

  • Premium

    Shimadzu - Model AIM-9000 - Infrared Microscope

    SHIMADZU AIMs to provide analysis systems for all users. The system is automated to ensure all steps performed quickly and easily. All our accumulated know-how in micro analysis is concentrated in the AIM-9000 to strongly support analysis.

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA).

  • µMax - Microscope

    The μMAX™ is design for IR microanalysis, providing high performance sampling at low-cost with exceptional ease of use. The μMAX fits into the sample compartment of most FTIR spectrometers. The compact, planar optical layout minimizes the pathlength of the IR beam and thereby maximizes IR throughput. This in-compartment infrared ...

    By PIKE Technologies based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA). from Microsampling Product line

  • Model LB-204 - Binocular Biological Microscope

    LB-204 Binocular Biological Microscope with Seidentopf Binocular Head, Wide Field Eyepiece, Backward Quadruple Nosepiece, Achromatic Objectives and LED Illumination is economic, practical and easy to operate. These microscopes adopt LED illumination, which save energy and have long working life, it is also very comfortable for observation. These ...

    By Labomed Inc based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Microscope Product line

  • SOLARIS - Biological Microscope

    Robust stand, Infinity corrected optics, plan-achromatic objectives, Koehler illuminator, 6V/30W or LED light source, wide field 10X/22 eyepieces

    By BEL Engineering s.r.l. based in Monza, ITALY. from Microscopes Product line

  • STMDLX - Zoom Stereo Microscope

    STMDLX, Zoom Stereo Microscope 10x-65x magnification, eyepieces 10x/22, very long working distance, total magnification extendable upto 390x thanks to additional optics . STMDLX StereoZoom Microscopes are the top choice when looking for an instrument that can afford optimal observations both in the laboratory and in the industry field. Standard ...

    By BEL Engineering s.r.l. based in Monza, ITALY. from Microscopes Product line

  • Model 1400-Series - Clinical Microscopes, Professional Level

    Featuring vivid, infinity corrected optics, the 1400-Series Clinical Microscopes are the flagship of the VanGuard line. Combining top performance with highly-advanced features, they stand up to the rigorous requirements of even the most demanding laboratory. Built around an industry-leading full-size frame, the 1400-Series models eliminate the ...

    By VEE GEE Scientific, Inc. based in Kirkland, WASHINGTON (USA). from Microscopes Product line

  • Gens Nano SolarStucco - Model Sol Series - Self-Cleaning System

    Nanotechnology refers broadly to a field of applied science and technology. whose unifying theme is the control of matter on the molecular level in scales. smaller than 1 micrometer, normally 1 to 100 nanometers, and the fabrication. of devices within that size range.. It is a highly multidisciplinary field, drawing from fields such as applied. ...

    By Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. (GENS) based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model H 600 Wilo-Prax PL - Laboratory Microscopes

    Laboratory Microscopes H 600 Wilo-Prax PL for brightfield with planachromatic objectives and enlarged field of view (F.O.V. 20)

    By Helmut Hund GmbH based in Wetzlar, GERMANY. from Microscopes Product line

  • TOF-SIMS - Focus Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope

    TOF-SIMS with access to all features of the FIB unique integration of othogonal TOF-SIMS by Tofwerk company and FIB-SEM by TESCAN.

    By Mikrolux d.o.o. based in Zaprešić, CROATIA. from Special Products Product line

  • VEGA3 - Model SB - EasyProbe - Compact Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

    The VEGA3 SBU - EasyProbe is a compact scanning electron microscope (SEM) fully integrated with a selected energy dispersive X-ray microanalyser (EDX). Superior imaging quality, high level of automation, easy usage and quick quantitative elemental results directly in the live image are among the characteristic features of the instrument. A ...

    By Mikrolux d.o.o. based in Zaprešić, CROATIA. from Vega Sem Product line

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