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  • The Growing Uses of Micro Switches In Different Applications And Automotives Industry

    Unknown to many, a micro switch is widely used across a range of electrical and electronic appliances. This tiny component processes applications in your printer or photocopier. It's also what makes the clicking sound, locking the door of your microwave oven. Besides, microswitches are fitted in automobiles and vending machines, too. That said, a microswitch has become an indispensable ...


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  • Handheld Helium Leak Detector

    Handheld Helium Leak Detector

    The GasCheck G gas leak detector represents the latest in gas detection technology. Its advanced system of micro thermal conductivity enables advanced sensitivity for the rapid, effective detection of gas leaks down to cc/sec, mg/m³ or ppm levels. Designed for the search and location of gas leaks, the GasCheck G leak detector provides you with effective detection of almost any gas or gas ...