Equipment & Solutions

  • Block Heater
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    Block Heater


    FX Incubator has been designed for microplates and tubes incubation at constant and accurate temperature.

  • Horizontal Mini Shakers & Mixers
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    Horizontal Mini Shakers & Mixers

    By Chromatography Spares

    Horizontal (reciprocating) shaker, suitable for 4 microtiter plates or other small containers; Speed adjustable, controlled by microprocessor. Constant speed independently of the load. Smooth and progressive start and ...

  • Spotcheck System
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    Spotcheck System

    By Astoria-Pacific, Inc.

    Astoria-Pacific’s SPOTCHECK Analyzer automates newborn-screening tests for such diseases as: Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Total Galactose and G6PD.  Many of the tests, such as Biotinidase and Uridyltransferase, ...