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  • Research-grade Pyrgeometers
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    Research-grade Pyrgeometers

    By Geonica SA

    IR20 and IR20WS are pyrgeometers designed for high-accuracy long-wave irradiance measurement in meteorological applications. IR20 has a solar-blind filter so that it can measure day and night. In the absence of solar ...

  • Wave measuring system
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    Wave measuring system

    By Geonica SA

    The WaveAlert System has been designed by GEONICA for sea waves and currents monitoring in sea ports and coastal areas in different applications, be it for coastal oceanographic studies or for providing information ...

  • Underwater Drone
    Showcase Product

    Underwater Drone

    By by Medit Inc.

    This super portable Poseidon ROV is a premium underwater drone designed on more than 8 years of experience manufacturing underwater video and lighting equipment for commercial diving and Remote Operated Vehicles. These ...

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  • Texas Boom Company

    Texas Boom Company

    Since 1986, Texas Boom Company has been manufacturing a wide range of equipment to support the oil spill response and prevention industries. The ...

  • Flydog Solutions OÜ

    Flydog Solutions OÜ

    We design and build fully customizable data buoys, vertical profiler buoys and submersed profilers that fit large number of sensors, are easy to ...

  • Planet Ocean Ltd

    Planet Ocean Ltd

    Planet Ocean is proud to represent some of the world’s leading scientific instrument manufacturers and we bring you the very best from each of their ...

  • Fugro OCEANOR AS

    Fugro OCEANOR AS

    Fugro OCEANOR is a high technology company specialising in the design, manufacture, technological development, installation and support of private ...

  • Linemaster

    Linemaster was founded in 1992. The result of an idea to create a product to aid in the deployment of Longlines. Today the Linemaster Longline ...