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Monitoring Buoys Companies (Monitoring and Testing)

  • Texas Boom Company

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).


    Texas Boom Company

    Since 1986, Texas Boom Company has been manufacturing a wide range of equipment to support the oil spill response and prevention industries. The products produced include oil containment boom, turbidity curtains, silt curtains, floating baffle ...

    Rolyan - Model B948TB - Tidal Buoy Regulatory Markers

    Rolyan - Model B948TB - Tidal Buoy Regulatory Markers

    9" Diameter x 48". Orange reflective symbols two sides. 3" orange reflective band top & bottom. Black letters two sides. 11⁄2" sch 80 PVC pipe thru. Urethane foam ...

  • Biobeam Scientific Instrument LLP

    based in Coimbatore, INDIA.

    Biobeam Scientific Instrument LLP

    BSI Conceptualized in 2011 and started being operationally active in 2012 was established out of experience in the distribution of Analytical, Drug Discovery & Life Science reagents and products. We maintain our Logistics and Data banks at our HQ in ...


    Founded and located in two important places in South Korea, Seoul (capital) and Ulsan (main place of shipbuilding activities) , Globon has established an exceptional know-how through many years of experience spent in the maritime business. We ...

  • Zunibal , S.L.

    based in Derio, SPAIN.

    Zunibal , S.L.

    At Zunibal we have been developing electronic services and products based on unique investigation and designs for their application in the marine sector for twenty years. We develop personalised and adapted technological solutions. Solutions that ...

    Zunliner - Longline Satellite Buoy

    Zunliner - Longline Satellite Buoy

    New longline satellite buoy manufactured by Zunibal, with solar charge, GPS of high precision and resistant to 25 ATM, with no need of maintenance.It has an easy and intuitive installation kit, which will allow to locate and manage all your fleet ...

  • Open Seas Instrumentation Inc.

    based in Musquodoboit Harbour, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

    Open Seas Instrumentation Inc.

    Open Seas Instrumentation, Inc. manufactures oceanographic equipment. The Company provides instrument mounts, streamlined buoys, extra buoyancy units, trawl shields, and scientific net systems.

    Open Seas - Model SUBS - Streamlined Coastal Instrument Mooring Buoy

    Open Seas - Model SUBS - Streamlined Coastal Instrument Mooring Buoy

     Dimensions: (L x W x H): 146 cm x 44 cm x 58 cm (57.5' x 17.3' x 22.8'). Weight in Seawater without flotation or instruments: 2 kg (5 lb). Weight in Air without flotation or instruments: 24 kg (53 lb). Weight in Air with flotation and ADCP: 36 ...

  • Walsh Marine Products

    based in Brookfield, WISCONSIN (USA).

    Walsh Marine Products

    Walsh Marine Products is a premier manufacturer of navigational aids for inland waterways. Specializing in buoys and floats, our product line includes Coast Guard approved regulatory buoys and barrier floats ranging in sizes from 13” spheres to ...

    Tough Seal - Model W961CMR - Channel Marker Buoy

    Tough Seal - Model W961CMR - Channel Marker Buoy

    Designed for use in all areas i.e.; high traffic, problem areas, channels, and areas subject to vandalism. A 1/2” Diameter. stainless steel mooring eye is standard. All markings are permanently affixed, solid vinyl with a 5 year factory ...

  • Beijing Hydrosurvey Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.

    based in Beijing, CHINA.

    Beijing Hydrosurvey Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Beijing Hydrosurvey Science&Technology Co., Ltd.(HydroSurvey Co.,Ltd) is leading a way of synthesizing product distribution, instrument researching and development, and technical service. HydroSurvey Co., Ltd has built solid relationships with many ...

    Hydrosurvey - Marine Environmental Monitoring Buoy

    Hydrosurvey - Marine Environmental Monitoring Buoy

    When the buoy calculates the original data in the buoy, the true value of each parameter is transmitted back to the receiving station by means of satellite communication, GPRS, VHF radio station and so on. Shore Station Database interface ...

  • Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

    based in Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS.

    Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

    Bluewater has been a technological front runner in the SPM business. The company has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed many innovative FPSO, FSO and SPM systems for oil companies worldwide through turnkey supply and time charter ...

    Bluewater - Conventional Buoy Mooring System (CBM)

    Bluewater - Conventional Buoy Mooring System (CBM)

    The Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) system includes multiple buoys that are fixed to the seabed by means of mooring lines and marine anchors. The three to six buoys are permanently installed in a rectangular pattern that allows safe mooring of a ...

  • TerraSond Limited

    based in Palmer, ALASKA (USA).

    TerraSond Limited

    Since 1994 TERRASOND, an Acteon company, has grown to become one of the most experienced, agile and multidisciplinary client-focused survey companies. We deliver innovative, reliable geospatial solutions with a strong company-wide culture in HSE/Q. ...

  • Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd.

    based in Glenorchy, AUSTRALIA.

    Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd.

    Fiomarine is the proud designer and manufacturer of the Fiobuoy. We believe in: Reliability, Customer service & collaboration Protecting the environment, and Safety for all users. The Fiobuoy Range: an economical and reliable alternative for the ...

    Model AC200 - Fiobuoy

    Model AC200 - Fiobuoy

    On-demand acoustic release Deployable to 200m (656') Rope capacity: 250m of 10mm ...

  • Datawell BV

    based in Haarlem, NETHERLANDS.

    Datawell BV

    Datawell BV is a private company that develops and produces oceanographical measuring instruments. Our best known products are wave buoys and ship motion sensors. Apart from wave height and wave direction, our buoys also monitor sea surface ...

    Datawell - Model MOSE-G1000 - GPS Based Motion Sensor

    Datawell - Model MOSE-G1000 - GPS Based Motion Sensor

    The MOSE-G1000 measures its three-dimensional motion in 3 frequency regimes where each regime has its own precision. Centimetre precision is achieved in the high frequency regime (1-100 s periods). Here the MOSE-G1000 works just like the Datawell ...

  • John W. Fisk Company

    based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA).

    John W. Fisk Company

    At the John W Fisk Company, we provide all types of marine insurance to any limit required for commercial diving insurance, marine contractors, offshore oilfield and platforms, plug and abandonment (P&A) contractors, land based energy, ocean marine ...

  • MetOcean Telematics

    based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

    MetOcean Telematics

    MetOcean Telematics specializes in satellite technology, including satellite phones and other Iridium hardware, satellite airtime plans, scientific instruments, and defence and security products. MetOcean Telematics is a renowned Value-Added ...

    MetOcean - Polar Area Weather Station (PAWS)

    MetOcean - Polar Area Weather Station (PAWS)

    The MetOcean Polar Area Weather Station (PAWS) is a compact, rugged, and easy-to-use polar platform that provides quality-controlled data in harsh weather conditions. MetOcean designed the PAWS for unattended operations at remote sites that require ...

  • AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS)

    based in Sidney, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS)

    AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is an expert in the Design, Manufacture and Deployment of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide for the past 40 years. AXYS applies its extensive knowledge and experience to marine, freshwater, offshore wind ...

    Deployment / Installation Services

    Deployment / Installation Services

    AXYS field technicians deploy buoys and install land stations in many different environments around the world. AXYS advises clients on the logistics requirements, such as vessels, cranes, forklifts, and work sites, depending on the type of system ...

  • LG Sonic

    based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS.

    LG Sonic

    Since 1999, LG Sonic has been a leading international manufacturer of ultrasonic algae control and biofouling prevention systems. More than 10 years of experience in applying ultrasound technology to control algae and biofouling. LG Sonic products ...

    LG Sonic - Model MPC-Buoy - Solution for Controlling and Monitoring Algae

    LG Sonic - Model MPC-Buoy - Solution for Controlling and Monitoring Algae

    Combines online water quality monitoring and ultrasound technology to provide a complete and cost-effective algae control solution in lakes and ...

  • Degreane Horizon

    based in Quartier Saint Lazare, FRANCE.

    Degreane Horizon

    Originating from the electronics department of Ets DEGREANE, DEGREANE HORIZON has been working for over fifty years with customers all over the world in sectors reliant on electronics: Defence, Energy/Transport, and Meteorology. The company ...

  • Teledyne Webb Research (TWR)

    based in North Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Teledyne Webb Research (TWR)

    ​Teledyne Webb Research designs and manufactures scientific instruments for oceanographic research and monitoring. Teledyne Webb Research specializes in three areas of ocean instrumentation: Neutrally buoyant, autonomous drifters and ...

  • Idronaut S.r.l

    based in Brugherio (MB), ITALY.

    Idronaut S.r.l

    IDRONAUT S.r.l , established in 1982, is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and support of high-performance and innovative oceanographic sensors and instrumentation, with particular attention to CTD multiparameter probes. Our main goal is ...

  • Fastwave

    based in Osborne Park, AUSTRALIA.


    Fastwave Communications develops integrated solutions designed to enhance the productivity, efficiency and safety of remotely located personnel, assets, infrastructure and equipment. We have a focus on integrating satellite telemetry systems with ...

    Fastwave - Nautilus Intelligent Tracker

    Fastwave - Nautilus Intelligent Tracker

    Automated geo-referenced tracking of marine assets. The Fastwave Nautilus is an intelligent tracking unit. By utilising the Iridium satellite network, it enables tracking anywhere in the world. On-board geo-fencing capability enables the tracker to ...

  • nke Instrumentation

    based in Hennebont, FRANCE.

    nke Instrumentation

    nke Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells instruments for the measurement and the monitoring of oceans and fresh waters. nke Instrumentation is involved in several research projects, both nationally and internationally, and works in ...

    Sambat - Float Instrumented Buoys

    Sambat - Float Instrumented Buoys

    The SAMBAT float is one of the easiest ways to deploy a multiparameter probe SAMBAT at sea or on the surface of seawater and it protects the probe against shocks and reduces the development of biofouling on the probe’s ...

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