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  • What is Zigbee?

    What is Zigbee? It is a wireless mesh network designed for wireless control and monitoring applications. It is a low power wireless technology, ideal for battery-operated sensors. Defined in the 2004 Zigbee specification, later superseded by the ZigBee 2006 specification. In 2007 the Zigbee published the Pro Specifica

  • Generator Monitoring and Alerts

    “Power when you need it”  Remote generator monitoring system ensures your backup power systems are always at the ready when called upon.What is a Remote Generator Monitoring System?A ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Long-Term Deployment Water Quality Sonde Aquaprobe

    Long-Term Deployment Water Quality Sonde Aquaprobe

    The AP-7000 Aquaprobe is designed for long term deployment utilising a central cleaning system to keep the fitted sensors clean reducing the effects of bio-fouling common in extended deployments. The probe comes with all of our standard parameters including optical dissolved oxygen, it also features 6 user configurable auxiliary sockets allowing you to add multiple specialist sensors to the ...