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  • Nanoparticle Research with the NanoLog

    Nanoparticle Research with the NanoLog

    Increased interest in research and applications of nanoparticles requires rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of nanoparticle samples. The development of the NanoLog spectrofluorometer and associated Nanosizer software takes advantage of nanoparticles’ fluorescence in the near-IR, and allows researchers to rapidly and accurately assess the composition and properties of samples of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • 250 mm Prism Imaging Monochromator

    250 mm Prism Imaging Monochromator

    The Model 303 is a 250mm focal length f/4 prism monochromator with good throughput. It is built like a Czerny-Turner and uses a prism in Littrow configuration for refraction. Prisms do not have multiple orders like diffraction gratings and are capable of very low dispersion. The 303 monochromator used with slits works as a tunable filter, or cut filter for UV-Raman applications. Used with a wide ...