Multi-Gas Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • National Grid Transco - Case Study

    National Grid Transco - Case Study

    Network ManagerNational Grid Transco is responsible for Great Britain`s national gas transmission system and 126,000km of distribution pipes, delivering gas safely, reliably and efficiently to millions of homes, offices and factories.NGTs VisionTo improve its already safe and reliable service, NGT launched the Integrated Gas 

  • Fast, Frozen, Convenience-Tunnel Freezers

    Fast, Frozen, Convenience-Tunnel Freezers

    Frozen foods first became commercially viable in the 1930s, thanks in large part to Clarence Birdseye. He is credited with inventing the double-belt freezer, the forerunner to modern quick-freeze ...


  • The Portable Gas Detection Range

    The Portable Gas Detection Range

    Did you know we have been supplying portable gas detection solutions from some of the biggest names in the industry for the last ten years?The Cambridge Sensotec range includes not only our own manufacture Rapidox gas analysis products, but ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Multi-Gas Analyzer

    Multi-Gas Analyzer

    The nCLD 63 MOx is the next generation in measuring NO/NOx, O2 and CO2. Unique in speed and precision, the nCLD 63 MOx is modular designed and allows the continuous measurement of concentrations in the range of parts per million. The measuring principles comply with international emissions monitoring regulations and its new and intuitive user interface “GUI“ individually displays ...

Upcoming Events

  • 2-day Comprehensive GCxGC Software Training (Zoex GCImage)

    2-day Comprehensive GCxGC Software Training (Zoex GCImage)

    This two day course, run in conjunction with JSB who provide the software, will focus on the theory and advantages of comprehensive multi-dimensional gas chromatography using either thermal or flow modulation and then you can experience the power of GCxGC(-MS) by analysing and experimenting with some previously acquired data using GC Image software. This course will cover GCxGC and Zoex GCImage ...