Articles & Whitepapers

  • Carotenoid-based plumage coloration predicts resistance to a novel parasite in the house finch

    The Hamilton-Zuk hypothesis proposes that the bright colours displayed by many species of birds serve as signals of individual resistance to parasites. Despite the popularity of this hypothesis, only one previous study has tested whether plumage coloration predicts how individuals respond to a disease challenge. We inoculated 24 male house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) of variable plumage hue ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Mycoplasma Identification Susceptibility Test Kit

    Mycoplasma Identification Susceptibility Test Kit

    Mycoplasma cultivation/Identification/ Enumeration/ Susceptibility Test Kit. Culture Broth pH:  6.0 ± 0.5 (25°C ). Repetition Rate: 100%. Coincidence Rate : ≥ 90%. Specificity: 100%. Intra-batch Discrepancy: ≤ 10%. Inter-batch Discrepancy: ≤ 5 %. Culture broth should be sterile and clear.