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  • Nanoparticles


    Nanoparticle Definition“Nanoparticle” is a catch-all term. There is no consensus on definitions or nomenclature for nanoparticles or nano aerosols. Other terms for this material include “Ultrafine Particle” (less than 100 nm in diameter). Current terminology for measuring worker exposure to particulates does not take particle size ranges into account.

  • Nanoptic 90

    Nanoptic 90

    Nano-particle Size AnalyzerNanoptic 90 is a nanoparticle analyzer based on the well-known technique of dynamic light scattering (DLS). Nanoptic 90 can measure nano materials with size down to ...


  • A new ‘gold standard’ for safer ceramic coatings

    Making your own ceramics can be a way to express your creativity, but some techniques and materials used in the process could spell bad news for your health and the environment. If not prepared properly, some glazed ceramics can leach potentially ...

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  • Annular Dielectric Barrier Discharge (aDBD) Aerosol Neutralizer

    Annular Dielectric Barrier Discharge (aDBD) Aerosol Neutralizer

    The GRIMM 5520 aDBD aerosol neutralizer is based on an annular dielectric barrier discharge that produces a bipolar ionic atmosphere. Irregularly charged particles (from ambient or lab generated) are brought into a defined stationary-state charge distribution, regardless of their initial charging state. The aDBD was developed as alternative to established aerosol chargers / neutralizers since it ...