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  • Noise Dosimeter with Octave Band Analysis
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    Noise Dosimeter with Octave Band Analysis

    By Cirrus Research plc

    The doseBadge5 is a high performance wireless noise dosimeter that allows you to make compliant occupational noise exposure measurements, put into place effective control measures and ensure that workers are not ...

  • Noise Dosimeter
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    Noise Dosimeter

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd.

    The Scarlet ST-130 Noise Dosimeter is the ideal tool to carry out occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements and provide a unique solution for these applications. ST-130 is designed to meet the standard dose ...

  • Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter
    Showcase Product

    Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

    By Cirrus Research plc

    The doseBadge Noise Dosimeter is available with Intrinsic Safety Certification and this is known as the CR:110AIS version. This version is identified by the gold coloured case. The CR:110AIS version of the doseBadge ...

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