Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

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  • Choosing NDT Equipment Suppliers in Chennai

    Chennai, a historic port city, has become one of the great manufacturing centers in India and the world. The automotive, heavy rail, transportation, and power generation sectors that make up the city are critical to India’s evolving economic growth. With over 7 million people relying on these industries to transport them and power their city, it’s imperative that manufacturers ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Transmission Raman Spectrometer

    Transmission Raman Spectrometer

    The QTRam®, powered by B&W Tek’s STRaman® technology, is a portable transmission Raman spectrometer that enables rapid and nondestructive quantitative analysis. It is ideal for testing the blend and active ingredient content uniformity of pharmaceutical solid-dosage products. The instrument can be easily operated using 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software for quantitative analysis ...

Upcoming Events

  • Inspection of Subsea Pipelines and Offshore Tubular Structures

    Inspection of Subsea Pipelines and Offshore Tubular Structures

    The course will provide an in-depth look into the subject of the inspection of offshore pipelines and structures. It explains which part the internal and external inspection play in the overall pipeline integrity and pipeline maintenance procedures. The course will introduce the typical flaws and anomalies observed in offshore pipelines and associated structures. In-Line inspection tools, as well ...