Organic Matter Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • PeCOD Efficiency Identifying Pollutants

    PeCOD Efficiency Identifying Pollutants

    The water in our households, restaurants, and more, rely on wastewater treatment plants to process and purify the water of pollutants. Without removal, pollutants in this wastewater can be critically harmful. The process of water treatment plants is special, allowing the extermination of all physical, chemical, and biological pollutants that arise in the water. There are seven main water ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Permanganate Index Water Quality Analyzer

    Permanganate Index Water Quality Analyzer

    Instrument use the acidic potassium permanganate spectrophotometry to measure the organic matter content of water.Theorganic matter in the water is dispelled andoxidized by the acidic potassium permanganate at the temperature of 95℃.The amount of residual potassium permanganate is measured in 535 nm. The decrement of potassium permanganate is proportional to the consumption of organic ...